Assassination of Love

What is love to you? To Serenity, love is just something created to kill someone slowly and painfully. Trying to get over her last boyfriend, who was killed, Serenity is haunted with the memories of him with the video of him being killed always appearing in her mind. Already having a hard life, the transfer student just makes things worse.


Numbly, Serenity Lin shut her laptop and stared deeply into the fireplace in before of her.

'Kevin, I miss you so much.' She thought for the hundredth time that today. 'Why didn't you run? Why did I not get to you in time? You should have lived. You never did anything to deserve your fate.'

Serenity's dark brown eyes showed the reflection of the flames as she stared coldly into them. Her scream, on that dreadful day, echoed loudly in her head. Every memory of that day, that exact time, carved into her mind, making it impossible for her to ever forget it.

The absolute horror she felt as she saw the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with get killed slowly. As she saw the other girl that wanted Kevin for herself stab him, her heart became heavier with sadness. Heavier with the guilt that if it wasn't for her, Kevin wouldn't have died.

"Come back to me," She cried in pain as she attempted to sleep, "…love."

For once, since the day of the murder, Serenity was actually able to rest quickly. But, it was anything but a peaceful sleep.


"I want you to go to that school with the girl who thinks it's her fault her boyfriend's dead. Then I want you to take away the one thing that every girl prizes the most, from her. We won't accept you here till then. Go, and don't you dare return until you've achieved this."


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