Caustic Child

Verse 1

Catch on fire,

I want to (fucking) burn away.

Hearts desire,

Let me be consumed by flame.

Because I just don't think that my fragile mind can take this,

And I'm wandering in a sea of self-destruction.


How do you expect me to fix it?

When I am the one who is truly broken.

All of this displaced aggression,

Turns me inside out again.

I guess it all just as well,

Because I ignite and burn this place to hell.

Verse 2

I want to break,

I want to (fucking) fall away!

One big mistake,

Drown me among complacency.

And I just want to finally enjoy my life,

How can I when all I do is analyze!



You expect me to be a shining example,

A light for the world to see.

But it seems the more I try at the life I can't handle,

You twist the knife as I bleed.

Look me in the eyes and say you respect me,

Kind words are only fallacies.

You say you want me to succeed,

So back (the fuck) off before I ignite.