O. T. B. or (Searl and the Girl)

Verse 1

Been two weeks and I still don't feel right,

Is this paranoia all in my mind?

Or is it all just a little more than real,

Gotta know, gotta find out how she feels.

Experience never equals expectation,

Preconceptions only lead to humiliation.

Am I the man I thought I'd be,

Never thought I would happen to me.


I wanna try again,

To prove to her that I'm a man.

I just wanna pretend,

That this never happened.

All I want to do is forget,

But I know that I can't . . .

Verse 2

Saw her for the first time in a while,

Her friends pointed at me and smiled.

It seems to be that wherever I go,

People laugh and somehow know.

I keep my head down afraid of catching someone's eyes,

Said she keep her mouth shut I guess she lied.

All my friends are staying away from me,

I need some help I think I'm a freak.