Small Town Trepidation

Verse 1

Like so many times before,

Frustrations get the best of me.

Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

So tear my eyes out I can't see my destiny.


Can't take this!

This self-righteous society.

Won't take this!

This generation of apathy.

Can't take this!

Overwhelmed by hatred.

Won't take this!

From the neck up humanity is dead.

Verse 2

Clawing to regain my consciousness,

I'm tired of bleeding for this disposition.

Adamant in my resolve to bring destruction.

I swear to god I will not be disillusioned.



It seems I'm lost in a sea of convictions,

- Small town trepidation!

The answer to the unknown is rejection.

- Teenage Frustration!

Comfortable is the process of repetition,

- Self – destruction!

To those who fear innovation.

Social constipation!