A forgotten dream that I found
Whilst removing pieces of my life from crushed boxes
Is causing my heart to cry louder than ever right now
Because its unflawed power has unintentionally
Struck me with a bolt of guilt for incautiously wandering away
Towards a now certified two-faced malicious temptation.

However, as my tears race faster and faster to escape this sudden rush of electricity,
The torment that I've just experienced mysteriously diminishes just as quickly,
And is replaced by a type of peace that feels so foreign, yet so familiar, meaning that
The sound of small ocean waves meeting the shore, along with the whisper of my name
By a voice in the wind I can now hear makes me wonder what this is all about,
Yet at the same time makes me wonder why I may already know.

Nevertheless, this mesmerising occurrence clearly communicates to me through
The voice of its encouraging soul precisely what I've needed to know for so long,
That is, which route will give me the opportunity to be truthful towards myself and others,
Yet also maximising my ability to work towards reaching the field of gold
That dwells on the other side of the sapphire trepidation I haven't thought about
Mainly because of engrossment in fleeing my own emotional war within fuelled by despair.

So now, with this new beginning built for me to develop further through adventure and discovery,
I admit to being afraid of the idea that those tribulations, which were clearly responsible for influencing
Previous progress to go awry, will inevitably test my dedication again in other forms and
Possibly cause more unwanted volatility, but I know that I've got to give this chance
The best of me through my heightened awareness otherwise I'll never be satisfied with myself
For allowing an existance and purpose to waste, therefore, here I go, faithfully moving forward...