Written by B1. Too short, and not even edited, but I kind of liked it. And besides, I showed it to a few people today and they found it okay. So let's post it. B2 hasn't written anything and I'm mad at her.


Joanna: Oh come on, you know nothing can ever happen between us, I mean, we've been best friends since I was 2 or something—

Zach standing next to her under the stars, hands shoved into his pockets, head tilted up to the sky as they both waited for the countdown to start—

Pam: What's so bad about that? It's good that you know each other so well and—

Joanna: NO. I am not going to risk our friendship for… for…

Zach smiling now as the countdown started (10…9…8…) and he looked at her and grinned but didn't really speak, because they both knew they didn't need to say anything to tell each other that it was great, great to be here with each other on New Year's Eve—

Joanna: For some stupid fling everyone is just going to whisper about…

Pam: A fling? You and him? Oh come on, I've seen the way he looks at you sometimes, like you're the only person in the WORLD to him—

And she smiled back feeling more than a little giddy, and they both heard the too-early fireworks and looked up and laughed a little, savoring this moment, sharing it, (7…6…)—

Joanna: Shut up—

Pam: And you can't go on denying forever that there's no other boy you'd rather spend time with, or go to Prom with, or watch a scary movie with—

Joanna: --not listening!

Then the air changed and something shifted between them, and as he took a step closer a part of her wanted to back away, but she told herself no, this was Zach, this was her best friend, nothing less, nothing—more—(5…)

Pam: Please, don't ignored it this time, just like before—

Joanna: Pam, I can't date him!

And then Zach took her hand and though he'd done it hundreds, kazillions of times before because they were BEST FRIENDS—remember that, FRIENDS—this time he took her hand and her fingers tingled, heart pounded, face flushed things blurred out till it was just him and her, him and her, and (4…)—

Pam: Why not?

Joanna: Well, the friendship, it would never be the same. And… and it would be… inconvenient.

Pam: Inconvenient?

Then he pointed with his other hand, to the sky where the fireworks bloomed great bursts across the black, and he said, "See that silver one? Watch, it changes color twice—" (3…)

Joanna: Yes, inconvenient because boyfriends take up TIME, when you spend all that time TALKING TO THEM, and GOING OUT WITH THEM, and—

And she looked, he was kidding her, it never really changed color because she didn't think fireworks could do that, and she was going to slap him on the shoulder and say you are so corny but then he was kissing her and his hand lightly capped her shoulder and she was flying, flying so high but feeling more here than she'd ever felt and—(2…)

Joanna: And GOSSIPING about them and GETTING DISTRACTED—

And it was short and sweet and just perfect (1!!) as the countdown ended and people cheered, and he pulled away and she was blushing angry embarrassed shocked afraid but he looked at her in that quiet way of his—

Joanna: And THINKING about them all the damn time, God! It's just so annoying, and infuriating,

He looked at her, releasing her hand now, the flying blurring chaos was going away and he said, "Happy New Year."

Joanna: --and so damn inconvenient, you know?


Oh god it's too short!! Merry Christmas soon guys. REVIEW.