She's so lucky to have you

That's what I always thought

I knew that she adored you

And you seemed to love her a lot

It caused her so much pain

When you broke up, I cried

I thought it was such a shame

That yet another love had died

I knew how she must feel

I always felt that way

Broken hearts never seem to heal

I still missed him every day

I wanted to save her from the heartbreak

I would have gone through it all in her place

But all I did was make a selfish mistake

It's something I can never erase

I didn't want to hurt a friend

I never meant to start loving you

I don't really even know how it happened

You were just too good to be true

I'll remember all the hearts and flowers

And every single song

I won't forget being together for hours

Then staying connected all night long

So I'm sorry for all the trouble I made

I'm sorry for hurting both of you

I regret all the trust I betrayed

But I can't regret falling for you