"Grenlo, you are my most trusted guard. So, you realize that I trust you with my life." The older gentleman settled his gaze on the green clad man before him.

Grenlo bowed his head, "Yes, sire. You have trusted me and my men with yours as well as your families for many years."

"I have a task for you and your men, Grenlo. It is the most important thing I will ever ask of you. Do you understand?" The older gentleman stood to his full height. He still stood a few inches shorter than his trusted guard.

"Sire, I understand it is important, but what exactly is it you would like for me and my men to do?" Grenlo's green eyes narrowed with curiosity.

"My old friend, let us drop the formalities for the moment and talk as equals. Please join me over here." He gestured to the seats farther back in the hall. Both men moved to those seats and sat down.

"Lord Cano," Grenlo ran his left hand through his dark brown hair then rubbed his graying temples. "I'm starting to worry what this is about. What is it you would like of me?"

"Grenlo, as you know my family is the most important thing in my life. And the day I sent my wife and children away, I did it to protect them." Grenlo nodded. "I need you, my most trusted, to protect them for me. I need you to go to them and keep them safe."

"You have lost me. Lord Cano, your wife and children were sent to a location no one knows about. That was nearly twenty years ago. Why now do you want us to go protect them, when they are more safe than they would be any where else in the universe?"

"It is true that we made sure no one else knew of their location, and for their sakes I hope that what I am asking is just out of paranoia. But..." Lord Cano trailed off, debating how to continue.

"My lord? Has something happened I was not informed of?" Grenlo's concern was apparent in both his tone and appearance.

"There have been communications." Lord Cano paused. "I have received word from a nameless source that they know the location of my family." Grenlo's eyes narrowed in anger. Lord Cano held up a hand to keep him silent for another moment while he finished. "That is not all, Grenlo. They are also aware of...certain information regarding my children. I need you and your team to go find my family and protect them until they can be safely returned home."

"Sire..." Grenlo stopped himself to find the right wording for what he needed to ask. "How could anyone know of their location? As far as I was led to believe, there were only three of us who knew where they were being sent. Sire, someone needs to find this leak and stop it. Your safety also has to be taken into consideration."

"I do have other guard units, you realize. And I am more worried for my family than myself. I would consider it a huge honor if you agree."

Grenlo rose from his chair, never losing eye contact with Lord Cano. "My lord, it would be our honor to protect your family." Grenlo placed his right fist over his heart and bowed, in salute. He then turned and left the hall.