This is a story I came up with over Thanksgiving break that I'm in the process of writing. I was inspired by an online monsters game. You play as a vampire or a werewolf and can attack players, get gold, join clans, buy weapons and much more. It was awesome. So over thanksgiving break of 2006 I joined as a vampire named Adriana Cassandra (hence my characters name). When I was working the graveyard shift to get money I pictured a young vampire girl with ice blue eyes and golden blonde hair, holding a spade and leaning up against a wall of a mausoleum. That sparked my idea for this story when I wrote my first chapter Grave of Blood. Then I started to really develop my character through this game on my profile and through other things on the website. My first line I made up was the line Cassandra says to Rei about her name. Originally it was for my victims that were bitten trough my link at it read something like this… You have been bitten…by me, Adriana Cassandra. But don't ever call me Adriana or you'll be dead before you can blink an eye. Te he! After I wrote this is when I started developing her character. If you want a link send me a message through my profile and I'll get it to you A.S.A.P.

Also the werewolf, Jura, was actually a kid who kept attacking me in the game and I sent him messages, leveled up, and then attacked him back (Just to let you know…I creamed him! Te he!) .

I would love tons of reviews. Even if you absolutely hate it tell me what you hate about it, but if you like it tell me what you like about it or what I should add, change, or redo completely. If you don't have enough time a simple good job or bad job will do. Thank you all who are reading this and here are some finished chapters and I hope you enjoy them!

P.S. they are sort of in order but not really. It skips around a lot.

Desire Spelle