"Oh there you are!" I said gracefully jumping up to him. "I knew I would find you here."

He sat on the top of the cathedral's roof at the highest point, one leg hanging off the edge the other underneath him, gazing down at the fading lights of the large village of Viel. I appeared next to him to find him with tears in his downcast eyes.

"What's wrong Vawn. Is it me? Did I do something?" I inquired softly.

"You did nothing. I just come here to think." he said whipping his crystal tears off his face with his sleeve. "I usually get caught up in my past. That's why I come alone."

"I know what happened to your wife and daughter…I'm sorry." I whispered into his ear.

He returned my sorrowful speech with his sad eyes. He just looked at me, not at anything else just at me…like we were the only two people or should I say vampires in existence.

"Who told you?" he said reverting his gaze back to below.

"The shop keeper, Adros."

"Traitor." he hissed under his breath.

"Don't be mad at him. I asked him to tell me."

He looked so sad, just sitting there hunched over looking at the ground far down below. I had never seen him like this.

"It was the one night that I didn't want to leave. The elders were summoned to go find a pack of werewolves that were raiding a near by town. I left them alone. Raphael was supposed to be there, but he…well I don't know what happened with him."

"That's why you don't get along so well." I said under my breath.

"The villagers found out about us. They raided the house and staked my wife…my beautiful Victoria." he paused and tears began pouring out of his green eyes. "an my poor little Alexandria, she barely knew what it was like to live." he paused again trying to regain himself. "They dragged them out into a field and…and… burnt them in a ditch. By the time I got back… It was to late. No one helped them, I should have been there to protect them."

"I'm so sorry Vawn…I had no idea how…"

"That's why I won't let anything happen to you. That's why I'm always with you." He cut me off. "I love you too much Cassandra to let that happen to you." he said his green eyes flashing with passion.

"I love you too." I said quietly as a warm tear began running down my cheek.

I bent down and sat next to him and looked into his eyes. I took my finger and whipped away his cold tears.

"Thank you." he whispered.

"Your welcome…Vawn." I replied tenderly.

We sat on top of the cathedral until all the noise below faded and the little lights of the town disappeared into the darkness. I reached for Vawn's hand and held it as we just sat there looking, listening to the silence of the night. Sometimes I think, that silence is the most beautiful sound in the world.