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"Kimran!" yelled a little girl, blonde angel curls flying in the wind as she fought to keep up with the boy ahead of her. The boy turned round and grinned cheekily, his own fair hair falling into eyes a pale and soft a blue as hers were.

He made a funny face at her, grinned, and put on a burst of speed, disappearing into the edge of a forest ahead. He came into a small clearing and sat down on a stone by a little gurgling brook, trying to catch his breath.

The little girl stomped into the clearing out of breath, her pale skin pink and her pretty forehead creased into a frown. "Kimran," she whined, "It's not fair. I'm only eleven summers and still you don't slow down even a little, and you are sixteen summers. We can't race if you cheat." The boy laughed and beckoned her to come over, which she did.

"Come now Cecile. I was only having a little fun" he said, pulling her into a clearly familiar hug, ruffling her blonde ringlets.

"Well," she said huffing, "You aren't going to be forgiven that easily."

"Oh sweet Cecile! Oh pretty, beautiful and…" he exclaimed in mock adoration then he trailed off, leaving an over dramatic pause, "…radiant princess!" The girl giggled and gave him a light shove, making him fall into the dirt.

"Fine, Kim, I forgive you." He smiled and got to his feet, dusting off his dirty breeches and running a dirty hand through his messy hair. Cecile wrinkled her nose and looked at his dirty hands with some distaste.

He shrugged nonchalantly and she smiled, looking ever so pretty. He could not help but adore his little sister and pulled her into a tight loving hug, which she returned.

Their enjoyable playtime was broken by the sudden sounds of screaming reaching their ears. They broke apart and listened for a moment, hearing the single scream joined by a multitude of others, along with the sound of metal on metal and the faint smell of burning. They heard the first scream again and both paled, saying both at once:

"Mama!" Then they ran, like the devil's hounds barked at their heels, towards a village on the next hill, lit by flames, the sky above it darkened by smoke.

They ran right up to the gates where they found their way barred by a group of about forty armed men. Many of them held stolen horses by their reins, and a few, even had some of the young women of the village in their grasps.

Kimran and Cecile immediately tried to edge away but a tall man on a black stallion caught sight of them and barked orders at the men. A few of them quickly surrounded the two and dragged them kicking and scratching back to the man on the horse.

He muttered something and Cecile was lifted up into his lap. She sat still, trembling as he ran a slow finger down the side of her face.

"Aren't you the prettiest little peasant lass I ever saw" he murmured. A sudden rage took over Kimran. How dare the man talk so to his little sister!?!

"Don't you dare touch her!" he yelled with a ferocity that seemed to startle the man on the horse who turned to look at him.

"Why should I listen to you?" he asked with a sneer, "She your girlfriend? There are many others." Kimran growled with anger and the man looked from Cecile to Kimran again and you could hear the smile in his voice the next time he spoke, even if it could not be seen. "Or your sister perhaps?" Kimran thrashed violently and spat out his words with an unrivalled vehemence;

"Let her go dammit! You son of a bitch, let my little sister go!"

The man leaned down slightly from his horse and said in a vile yet sweet tone;

"Fair is only fair. I'll give her back if you give me something in return. What could you possibly have that is worth equal to her life?"

Kimran set his jaw and his eyes blazed with anger. He said through gritted teeth;

"What about my own life for hers?"

The man seemed to ponder the thought.

"You for her…" There was a long silence so overwhelming that Kimran could swear that the man could his rapidly beating hearty that hammered in his chest from fear. Yes, he did not show it, but Kimran was afraid.

"Fine" snapped the man and released Cecile to the floor, from which she scrambled up, clinging to Kimran and sobbing.

"Don't be so stupid Kim. Don't do it. Please…oh please, Kim…please don't…" The men who held Kimran pushed her off and just as she was about to grab a hold of him again, he gave her a look.

It was one of sadness and it said quite clearly to her; 'no, leave me. I love you. Goodbye.' She broke down into tears again and was held gently by a woman whom had been let go by one of the men who had previously been clutching her.

The man on the horse grabbed the front of Kimran's clothes and hauled him up to face level, ignoring Kimran's strangled gasps as he slowly choked. The man then, just as Kimran was about to black out, dragged the boy onto his lap and let him catch his breath slightly.

Kimran closed his eyes and breathed heavily, his chest aching with every sweet gulp of air. He felt the heat of the man's body beside him and fought the fear that rose inside of him. The man would kill him for sure now.

He sat that way for hours and it seemed like forever to him. Suddenly the horse started to move and he jerked up. He suddenly felt a pain in the back on his neck where the man's fingers dug in and black clouded his vision,

"Night night, little boy" he heard the man murmur softly as he slipped into unconsciousness. The last thing he thought before he was gone was, 'so this is dying? It's so dark. I feel so lonely. But it's so strange too; it doesn't hurt at all…'

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