Even Though It's Painful

Even Though It's Painful
by Fujita Toji [knight_kamidake@planetjurai.com]

My heart shines with joy when you are near,
And cries silently when I'm without you,
The radiant rose in my empty void.

Do you still remember when we first met?
It was the day when I found my best friend,
It was the first day of my entire life,
When your love healed my deep-rooted scars.

Look up into the night sky.
Do you see them?
The endless stars in the sky,
They are the tears I've shed
Before you came into my life.

Though I haven't told you this before,
I love you more every second,
And though you are far from me now,
I still love you with all my heart.
And even though the distance is painful,
Just remember that we all breath the same air,
Even if we were at the farthest reaches from each other.
So wherever you are, I'm there with you too,
Good times and bad times, just like you said.

Shu... Aishiteru