We just can't help but stare

At the girl with that glare

She seems so odd and out of place

We know nothing but her face

Yet inside she cries her tears

Sobbing, no one ever hears

Baggy clothes hide the scars

Music screaming with guitars

We laugh at her sorry state

Perhaps it's we who decide her fate

Dressed in black, bade to die

No one ever wonders why

She's different, who cares?

We think out taunting never wares

But inside is a broken girl

Wishing she could just unfurl

Upon the world her torn life

It could be easier with the knife

Cuts are easy, but they don't heal

Just reminds her she can feel

Blood is quick, blood brings pain

Yet she cannot sustain

That feeling of power it brings

It really does give her wings

To fly away from her blackened mind

So she may no longer be confined

We finally made her decide

In this place she could no longer reside

So gone to heaven or hell is she

With the only loving key

The taste of death seemed just too sweet

This world too full of deceit

Say farewell to another statistic

Suicidal death we made simplistic