The teenage girl deeply breathed in the pure sweet air. She loved ocean nights. She loved their breeze and their cool humidity, the way her chestnut brown hair would blow in the wind. The girl sighed, lost in peaceful bliss. There was nothing that could ruin her night now, it seemed as though everything was perfect and calm. In this bliss she was able to forget all wrong that was happening to her all the bad things that had been happening recently. It was perfect, calm, wonderful. No, not even all the legions of Ra'Arcon could stop her now.

"Liddy," a young man called out teasingly from the trees surrounding the beach, "C'mon, if your out any longer mum 'll come 'n' get you, and you know how THAT goes!"

The girl turned towards the pale young man, green eyes glaring at him for disturbing her perfect bliss of a moment. "How many times do I have to tell you DO NOT call me Liddy, Norriamre. The name is Lydia. L-Y-D-I-A. It can't possibly be THAT hard."

It was now his turn to glare. "And like Riam's that hard to pronounce," A wide smirk was now slowly growing across his face, "Liddy-poo" Laughing maniacally the teen ran away from the rapidly accelerating, now ego-trodden, girl. Oh, he would pay, and it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Mom!!" Lydia yelled into the dark house expectantly, " I'm back"

Silence. All she heard was unnatural, freakish, unrealistic silence. Under her breath she murmured a quiet spell to light the candle, illuminating the small kitchen. Everything looked normal, but the hairs rising on the nape of her neck didn't quite agree.

Attempting to banish the disturbing thoughts that were racing through her head she quickly called out, "Mom? Okay, okay, I understand. But me coming home late doesn't mean that you have to ignore me."

She waited there for a moment before she finally let her panic out. She opened the door to the rest of the house, looking in every room urgently. But every room was empty, and not a single voice ever answered her calls. Turning back around she ran back into the kitchen, hoping to find some type of clue to where everyone could have gone.

Suddenly the door opened revealing Riam. "Riam!!! Thank goodness you're here. Do you know where my mom went?"

She continued to speak urgently to him for a minute more before she noticed. Riam did not look normal. The look on his face even passed disturbed. His eyes were wide, and he was even paler then usually. It was as if all the blood had been forcefully sucked out of him.

"Riam?" She whispered staring fearfully at him as he sat himself down at the table in the center of the room, "Riam? Are you all right? Did something happen?"

Riam looked at her, tears were streaming down his face, "I-I'm sorry, Lydia. I'm so sorry."

"Riam? What do you mean? What happened Riam? Talk to me! Riam! Riam!!" She screamed as the young man fell silently into her arms. Her screams continued to echo through the air, fading out, muffled be the darkness of night. Muted by the sounds of rain falling like teardrops from the moonless sky.