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Chapter 3

We're where?

Kearia reared in fear inside of her stall, her neighs lost in the dark of the night. Outside the silence seemed almost deadly, as the rain ceased to fall over the small town.

Inside Lydia, Korreth, and Riam slept soundly. They were unaware as the temperature changed, and light shone through the small windows. The horses neighed louder towards the house, as if warning its inhabitants of some terrible thing. Although even as the celestial blue light enveloped her house, they slept silently, their dreams betraying nothing of what was about to occur.

Lydia rolled around in her bed, pulling the pillow close, as she slowly woke up. Putting a hand over her eyes she slowly opened them. As her eyes adjusted Lydia moved the hand out of her face only to realize that-

"WHAT THE?!" Lydia's scream echoed loudly throughout the large building, quickly finding Riam and Korreth out of their trance-like sleep.

Looking around, Riam's eyes also widened in surprise, "Shit." He murmured

viciously. He hadn't been expecting this.

"Riam," Korreth began, his voice almost a whisper, "Are we… there? In your world? We aren't, we…"

Slowly Riam nodded his eyes wide in disbelief. "Yeah, we're there alright."

Pulling the covers off of her, Lydia stood up and walked to the window. "So this is your world Riam?" She said, looking out the window at the strangeness outside, "So we have to find our mothers now right? But how can we? This place looks so busy, so full…"

Riam nodded. Acria was a much more populated world than Lacino, and much more complicated. Nodding he also stood up to look around the room. "But before we do that, you have some things that you've got to learn."

"But why bother?" Korreth began, raising an eyebrow at Riam, "We should be going as soon as possible, shouldn't we?"

Sighing Riam shook his head. "This place isn't as easy as you think; it's not like traveling to a different country. This is a different world, Korreth, and it has its own rules. And in order to last a day here, you've got to learn those rules."

"Of course," Lydia said, looking up at him, "But I doubt our nightclothes will do well for clothing here, is there anything else to wear?"

At this Riam looked at the three of them hopelessly, "Yeah, that probably would be good wouldn't it…"

As Riam left Lydia went back to looking out the window. Outside was a city like nothing she had ever seen. Its huge buildings seemed to reach up forever. In between the gargantuan metal building many things were flying through the air. She didn't feel any signs of magic controlling them, and yet they flew freely, as if encouraged by some magnificent charm.

Lydia sighed; it just didn't make any sense. None of it made any sense. How could this place work as it did so perfectly? Looking out she rested her elbows on the window sill and sighed once again out of pure exasperation.

"This world really is amazing isn't it?" Lydia flinched as Korreth watched the strange world beside her.

Glaring out the window, she murmured under her breath, "I don't know if amazing is the right word."

At this Korreth chuckled. "Really? Than how else would you explain this?" He said, turning to smile at her, before once again looking out the window, "Buildings so large and magnificent, that even the greatest of our castles hold nothing in comparison. Vehicles that fly throughout the air as if riding on a track of clouds. And look at all of the people! There are enough people from our view alone to populate all of Salim to its limit. With all this, only a fool could not be lost in wonder."

Lydia smiled at him, speaking quietly, "Yes I suppose it is a wonder, but still I can't help but think… Just how will we get back and how? And also, I do see all the people, and if this place is so large then how will I ever hope to find my mother. And even so, this place is wonderful, but how long will it be before I truly long for the comfort of my home, and the ocean that is near it. So you see, Korreth, you are an adventurer. You are a man of adventure that always longs for something new. But I am just a normal girl who would rather stay home and work in the market than go out and defeat a powerful sorcerer. And that girl part of me will always rule over and tell me to go home, where I belong."

Korreth nodded, "I guess that's how we're different then." Having said this Korreth turned away from the window and walked to his bed to sit down. Leaning back he watched the girl sadly, he hadn't thought of how this would affect her when he started it. Next time, at least, he'd make sure to ask.

Korreth's thoughts were interrupted as a now dressed Riam. "I see you found clothes." Lydia remarked.

Riam was dressed in a pair of long pants, Lydia wasn't sure about the material, but she didn't remember ever seeing it before. His shirt was long and white, on it was a type of tribal design in red. His shoes were strange looking, as far as she knew, and were white and black. And of course, she once again did not recognize the material.

"I take it we're wearing something like that too." Korreth said, obviously not wanting to.

"It's a little the same for you," Riam replied, "but not much, and Lydia's are totally different."

Pulling the large plastic bag onto the bed, Riam took out the clothes piece by piece. "Korreth, this is yours." He said, handing Riam a large black trench coat, "I figured that you'd like it."

Korreth raised his eyebrows at the material as he continued to receive clothing. In the end he was trying on a pair of black pants with a somewhat loose short sleeved shirt and his trench coat.

Then it was Lydia's turn. Lydia's eyes enlargened as she was handed her clothes and told to try them on.

After changing into them from the bathroom-which had her deeply confused-she called out, "Riam, I think you got this too small."

"No," He called back, "it should be a little tight, that's how it was made."

At this Lydia paused, momentarily before replying, "But Riam, this is just plain indecent."

Riam laughed, "Only compared to what you're used to, it's the style here." At that Riam, closely followed by Korreth walked up to the door and opened it, revealing the embarrassed teen.

At the sight of her Korreth couldn't help but gawk, Riam only chuckled at her face. In her mind it was indecent. She was wearing a pair of tight jean capris. Her shirt was nicely fitted and blue, with white writing strewn across it. Her Brown hair cascaded over her shoulders.

"I don't think it's too bad," He said, sizing her up, "What do you think Korreth?"

"Nice." He said, grinning. He really did have Riam all wrong when he met him, if there had ever been any innocence in the boy there certainly wasn't any now.

Cleary annoyed, Lydia walked out of the bathroom and pulled on the jacket laying on one of the beds in the room. "So Riam," She started, giving each of the boys a firm glare of death, "What's our first lesson going to be?"

Looking to her Riam smirked before continuing, "A felt as if I should start you off nice and boldly-so you would get used to it quicker, yanno!"

"Right," Lydia said, deepening her glare.

"So, tonight we will go out to dinner." He proclaimed, smiling widely.

"And, please tell, what does that mean," Korreth asked, entering the conversion.

"Right of course you two wouldn't know," Riam said, pacing around the room before smiling at them, "It's kind of like going out of the house to eat at a bar or some friend's house. Except, when you go out to dinner, you go to a public restaurant to eat a meal, which in this case is dinner."

"Wonderful so where are we 'going out to eat'?" Korreth said, already half out of the door.

"I don't know…" Riam replied, "Lets just take a walk and stop at whatever we think looks good. Or, in this case, probably what I know is…"

Walking outside, the three were welcomed with a gust of cold air. Pulling on their jackets tighter, the three started on their way to their dinner.

Walking through the gigantic city, Lydia couldn't help to feel not only scared but confused. Everything in this place obviously worked so strangely, and no matter what she did, she couldn't ever seem to figure it out.

"Riam," She said finally, when they stopped to rest at a bench that overlooked much of the plaza while Korreth had momentarily ran off to get a better view, "What kind of thing is it that powers this world. I don't sense any magic, but still, how they work does not seem possible by mere contraptions…"

Riam looked up at her, smiling softly, "That's because your world hasn't discovered it yet. Really though, I hope they never do."

"And why is that?" Lydia said, tilting her head in a questioning matter.

"Its kind of hard to explain," Riam started, slowly, "But the way your world is built and how it runs is what makes it your world. Your world has magic, and ours has this-electricity. Them mixing together just isn't right, and it shouldn't happen. I mean think about it: What would your world be if it had cars and ships flying around in it. Personally, I don't think that I would like it as much…"

Lydia laughed quietly, "I guess your right. Our world really wouldn't be our world if it had what this one did… It would just be, hmmm, some other freakish world in some other strange dimension that doesn't know about us and we don't know about it."

"Now don't say that," Korreth said, walking back towards them, "For all we know others know about some other world. After all, we know about this one, don't we?"

"Of course, for all we know there might be some freakish world of water or something," Riam said, laughing as the others joined in.

"Whatever you say Riam!" Lydia joked, starting back down the street to continue looking for a restaurant to eat at.

They continued to walk along the road, Riam attempting to explain just how electricity worked, with all that he could remember. "Hey!" Riam said, turning around to face Lydia and Korreth, "We can go see a movie, and eat dinner there! I'm sure that seeing some modern day Chick-Flick will help teach you how this world works, not to mention get me reunited, after all, I did leave when I was really young."

Lydia looked at him strangely, "What exactly is a movie? Another one of those weird machines Riam, because I don't think that will help teach us that much."

"A movie is…" Riam started slowly, "Yanno what, lets just wait until we get there, it will be a surprise. Plus, it's near impossible to describe."

"Fine, whatever." Lydia murmured glaring at him. If he was just doing this to annoy her, then she swore that she'd kill him as soon as she could get him alone. Although, then again, maybe Korreth would help her. After all, you never seemed to know what that lunatic would think.

At the though of him, Lydia turned to face the Raven haired man. He really was strange, so mush like her dear friend Riam, and yet... Just so different… Turning back away from him Lydia mused. Even if she did finish this journey, and even if the tall man stayed, she doubted that she'd ever be able to figure him out. He was just so impossibly random to get anywhere near finding a solution to anything that he felt. For now she would just have to live with surprises. Not that she minded it; it was nice have a difference for once, even if it sometimes could be too much.

"Hey Lydia," Korreth said, interrupting her thoughts, "Riam says we're here."

"We are?" Lydia murmured, half dazed.

"Yep," Riam said, leading her in, "Welcome to the theatre!"

When she looked, Lydia could hardly believe her eyes. Outside the room had been rather normal, at least for what she was used to seeing in this world, but this?!

The room was large, but not huge. All down it stopped rows of seats. Whenever somebody would sit in one of the obviously comfortable seats it would lift up off of the ground and bring the people to where they could better see the highlight of the show.

In the front center of the room was a huge thing that looked almost as if people and things were moving inside of it. Although, when looking through the large screen thing she saw that it was flat, and that there was no-one behind it.

"This is almost like a talking portal…" Korreth mused, walking over to the seat which his ticket had labeled.

"I guess it is a little," Riam responded from the front, "The only difference is that in a movie all that happens is recorded and kept for later. So basically it ends up as a totally recorded play where they don't have to worry about the smallness of sets or anything like it."

"And they do this all without magic?" Lydia said raising an eyebrow.

"Yup." Riam said, grinning at her, "Now stop acting so surprised. Movies are an everyday thing here, even if the screens aren't always so large."

"I see…" Lydia said as she and Korreth took their seats. Immediately they busted into the air. Looking in front of her, Lydia say that she now had a perfect view of the gigantic screen, and smiled once again in awe.

Looking back down, Lydia noticed that Riam had not taken his seat. "Hey, are you coming up?" She called down to him.

"Yeah," He replied nodding up so that the others can see, "I'm just getting us some food first."

At that Riam walked back upwards towards the top of the room to the closest door and slipped out. Lydia had a bad feeling about letting him choose their dinner. After all, it was him that they were talking about.

Right as Riam was returning and took his place in his seat, the lights in the room began to dim. And when Riam gave Crystal and Korreth their strange dinner the lights were almost down to being pitch black.

Looking down at the strange food she had been handed Lydia turned to Riam with a raised eyebrow. "Would you mind telling me what this is?" She inquired coldly to him, pointing at the strangely colored thing half surrounded by bread in front of her.

"That my friends," Riam said grinning largely, even though he was whispering, "Is one of this places all time favorites, dating back all the way to when people in this galaxy only lived on one planet, Earth. It is called a hotdog."

Lydia walked back with Riam after the end of the movie. She had a feeling that she would have been with Korreth too if not for his strange habit of running up to anything and everything he saw and giving it a thorough, not to mention loud, inspection. Beside her Riam sighed at Korreth, his eyes distant.

"Riam?" Lydia said, bringing the young man out of his trance, "You all right?"

Still somewhat shocked from the interruption Riam murmured, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?" Lydia pushed, knowing he was just blowing her off.

"Of course I am, don't worry about me." Riam said, not meeting her eyes.

Annoyed, the young brunette pushed herself in front of her friend. "Not worry about you?" She scolded hem harshly, "I'm your friend, it's my job to worry about you! How dare you even dream of saying that to me?"

Turning around Lydia stuck her head up in the air in one of her I'm-an-annoyed-to-death-girl-don't-you-dare-mess-with-me looks before a quick, "Your mean." was whispered under her breath.

Riam looked at the girl in front of him. Her long brown hair shaded her face, although he could easily guess what was on it-her last words had shown enough. "It's just… We only met Korreth around a day ago and already…"

Lydia turned around, sad eyes gazing at her friend. "And already…?"

Riam sighed before looking back to his childhood friend. "Its just… Never, never since I have met you, have you spoken to me like that…"

At this Lydia had to laugh. "And I thought that you were going to spew off some philosophical speech or something!" Looking at Riam's confused expression she had to laugh more, "Don't tell me-Don't tell me you actually thought that I had feelings for the immature little freak."

At this Riam blushed, but Lydia wasn't done yet. "Plus," She said smirking evilly at him, "Why should you care? Unless, of course… you happen to have any special feelings for me?"

Turning away so that the smirking girl wouldn't see his face, Riam snorted in disapproval. "Yeah right, I'm just wondering what you could see in him, that's all"

"Awww!" The girl squealed, trying not to crack up, "You're so adorable! But don't worry, I still love you most of all!"

Looking at the two bickering teenagers Korreth smiled, approvingly, before sighing. "Ah, young love, how sweet." His smile however, soon turned to a frown as memories flashed through his mind. "But as of all types of love," He murmured darkly, "It is as fragile as glass."

Shaking his head he walked back to join the group, al large smile plastered on his darkly tanned face.

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