Dark to light,
Day to night,
All was pulled assunder,
One made two,
thrown out of true,
and all was drowned in Thunder.

The two sides fight,
wrong or right,
when both should work together,
A two sided coin,
they must rejoin,
out in the fields of heather.

what can you do,
to rejoin the two,
They have grown so great,
How can life survive,
or even thrive,
when each the other will hate.

The seasons turn,
the day stars burn,
above the heather Field,
The sundered pair,
in black dispair,
Refuse to meet or yield.

May Ishim's hand,
preserve the land,
Until the sundered join,
A gentle touch,
reveals so much,
a single magic coin.

To guard the prize,
they realize,
that they must work together,
To defend,
their strife must end,
they must make peace within the heather.

A gentle love,
From Ishim Above,
have faith in he who made us all,
a promise true,
rejoined the two,
until the next time that we fall.