A/N: So, I wrote this for my Beat Reporting class last year... my beat, at least for this particular article, was kind of a humour rant type thing... examining a recent fad using a twinge of humour. Don't know how successful I was at it. I'll leave that for you all to judge. My inspiration for choosing this beat was none other than the fabulous Sabrina Jalees, whose articles can be found every Tuesday in the Toronto Star.

Everyone's So Emo

If you've been to small towns lately, or even downtown Toronto during the evening hours, you've seen them. The streets are littered with teens borderlining the so-called 'Goth' look with their dark hair, Salvation Army clothes, and black painted nails. They're not Goths though, and I pity the soul who ever makes the mistake of calling them so. No, these kids are what are known as 'Emo'.

What exactly is Emo? Well, no-one seems to have an exact definition of what it is. Typically, it began as a type of music, Punk based, but more emotionally focused. Hence the term 'Emo'. The way it is applied now to teens however, it seems to have taken on the meaning of 'depressed and suicidal'.

Most of these 'Emo' kids are typically middle-class teens who have decent lives, decent families, attend decent schools and have fairly decent futures. In fact, if you were to sit down and find out about them, you'd see there's no real reason for them to be depressed and all angsty.

So is this then part of some new medical phenomenon where random people are developing clinical depression? Nope. This is merely the latest fad. Yes, I can hear the gasps of shock already. But seriously, that's all Emo is. Kids walking around, cutting themselves and moaning about how much their lives stink because it's the 'in thing' to do.

I would say however, that this is still a medical condition. Because seriously, who in their right mind would cut themselves in an attempt to fit in? My only suggestion then to smartening these kids up and knocking some sense into them, is to scare them. Threaten to send them all to a mental institute. Of course, with their twisted minds, they may actually enjoy it.

So, all there's really left to do is hopeā€”hope that kids will go back to the way it used to be, cutting grass for their parents instead of cutting their wrists for their friends.