HanThePanther: Heya, girlies! How's everybody doing?

Rach987: Han! Hey!

CareBear: I thought you disappeared on us, Hannah!

SuzieQ: I haven't heard from you in forever!

HippieMel: Hey, pretty lady!

HanThePanther: That was kinda creepy.

JulesySinger: No kiddin'!

HanThePanther: Hey, Julesy-poo! How did your musical audition go?

JulesySinger: Not as well as I hoped. I made the chorus, at least. I had a blast doing it, though.

HippieMel: Better than any of us could do at Julliard, Jules.

Rach987: That's why we didn't get accepted, Melinda. Oh, boo hoo!

HanThePanther: Lol. She has a point there. How's college treatin' you guys?

SuzieQ: I had a blast! Man, Dad was right. ISU is the perfect school for me! I hardly slept this whole time! The dorms were awesome!

HanThePanther: Do you like Luther, Cara?

CareBear: Luther's great. A few of my classes are harder, but I've had a lot of fun. My cross-country team is the third best in state. Cool, huh?

HanThePanther: That's awesome. How's DMACC, Rach?

Rach987: Oh, it was okay. I'm ready to go home and see Chris and everybody.

HanThePanther: Aw, I never thought I'd see the day! Oh, girls, our little Rachel is in love! You two are so cute together! How's the single life treatin' ya, Mel?

HippieMel: Fine, I guess. I'm still kinda pissed about Ryan. But I'm getting over it.

HanThePanther: Good for you. So, Care Bear, you and Ian still going strong?

CareBear: Oh, sure. He decided to stay at the community college near his parents' house, so he's still there. I miss him, but at least I get the summer with him.

SuzieQ: And what about you, Han? How are you and Logan doing?

HanThePanther: I, uh, broke up with him a few weeks ago.

HippieMel: WHAT?!!

SuzieQ: NO WAY!!!!

JulesySinger: SERIOUSLY?!!

CareBear: WHY?!!

Rach987: I figured that would happen eventually. You okay?

HanThePanther: Oh, I'm fine. I dumped him, guys. It's okay. It was just . . . my choice.

CareBear: Aw, Hannah . . .

JulesySinger: Don't worry, Han. We'll get you set up with some awesome guy and you'll forget all about him!

HippieMel: That reminds me, when will everybody be home? I'll be back next Friday.

Rach987: Hopefully my roommate can give me a ride back on Thursday. Otherwise I'll just have to wait until Chris comes back, which will be two weeks.

SuzieQ: I'll be back in two weeks. I'm hoping Sunday night, but no guarantees.

JulesySinger: I'll be back on Saturday, the day after Mel gets back.

CareBear: Me, too! My car's all packed up and ready to go.

HippieMel: That'll take forever! I'm so ready to see all of you!

SuzieQ: I know! I'm going bananas without you guys!

Rach987: You already were before we left, Suz.

SuzieQ: Oh, ha ha, Rach. You should really look into being a comedian.

Rach987: Nah, then I'd have to pretend that I like people.

JulesySinger: Lol! Well, I see you haven't changed at all. Hey, Han, you never said when you were coming home.

HanThePanther: I didn't? Oh . . .

Rach987: Yeah, what's up?

HanThePanther: Guys, I'm so sorry.

JulesySinger: What?

HanThePanther: I'm not . . . coming home.

CareBear: Another damper in our party!

Rach987: What the hell, Hannah?! Why not?!

HanThePanther: One of my professors thought I really should do summer courses since I have a double major. And my writing professor thinks I have a really good chance of getting something published . . . if I stay in her class over the summer.

HippieMel: You aren't coming back at all?

HanThePanther: I don't think so. I need to stick around Cedar Falls to get some of my easier classes out of the way. That and I . . . I don't know, girls, I just think it'll be easier for me to put some distance between Logan and me.

JulesySinger: But . . . aren't you guys at the same university?

HanThePanther: He's going back home for the summer, smart ass. I think it'll just be better this way.

CareBear: But you'll be with us all summer, Hannah Jae!

Rach987: Han, you know he always goes on vacation with his family somewhere. He probably won't even be here for at least half of the summer.

HanThePanther: I'm sorry, guys, but I have to do this.

HippieMel: Fine, but we get to visit you sometime.

HanThePanther: Sure. My dorm mate's going home tomorrow. I have most of the hall to myself. The classes I'm taking are for the older kids, so a lot of them already have apartments off campus. We can have our own little party here.

Rach987: We're really gonna miss you, Han. Especially me.

HanThePanther: Oh, Rach, you'll be fine without me. Chris will keep you preoccupied. wink, wink!

SuzieQ: EEWW!!

Rach987: Shut up!

HippieMel: That's so gross.

CareBear: Very!

Rach987: Shut up, all of you!

JulesySinger: It's probably true. You have to let us know what time we can come up, okay, Hannah?

HanThePanther: Sure thing.

HippieMel: Promise!

HanThePanther: Lol, I promise. I better go. I already have homework for one of my classes. I have to write a four-page essay on where I get inspiration for stories. It sucks, but you know me, I get entertained with that kind of stuff. You have no idea how much I'm going to miss you guys! Come visit me soon, okay?

JulesySinger: Of course we will. Love you, babe!

Rach987: Call me whenever you want to, Han. I'm sure I'll call you.

HippieMel: Hey, if you see any hotties, inform me ASAP, 'kay? Get me the hook-up, Han! Lol!

CareBear: Bye, Han Han! I already miss you!

SuzieQ: You have no idea what you're doing to me, Hannah. I think I might cry!

HanThePanther: I said I was sorry! Jeez! Any of you call me when you want to. I love you, girlies! Try not to have too much fun without me, okay? Bye, guys!