1My Trail of Tears

Your love alone

Can't break my heart of stone

If we only had one week to make moments last

I would if I could but I talk way to fast

I don't want you to go

Before then I want you to know

We had a chance to take ourselves an run

But we got shot by a hired gun

My heart is something a million hammers can't break

What my mind alone can't take

This has happened before

Against those who I adore

Heck I talk about honesty

When I've been lying for your sympathy

Just follow that trail it leads right to me

Just follow the trail of the melan-choly

Other folks have dished us up in style

Hell, I think I should sit for awhile

They said your heart was of pure gold

Imagine the falsehoods that they told

That trail don't mean much to me

When it's been made to remind you of me