I'm tired, I say

Exhausted, at best

My eyelids, more heavy

Than you could ever have guessed

My head held up

By the support of my hand

The words pass right through me

And, in time, turns to sand

You've spoonfed me lies

That have made me upset

All these hopes that have died

That I won't soon forget

It's all kept me awake

And in fear for so long

And quite blurred my sight

Of what's right and what's wrong

Always looking behind me

Sneak around corners in daylight

I leave every lamp on

And check under my bed at night

Not a minute or wink

Have I slept all this way

I may wake up dead

If the sun rose the next day

But it cannot go on

When so little has changed

And these words that have twisted

And made me deranged

Will all slip away

And never return

I'll escape from this place

And this flame, cease to burn

I'm tired, I say

Of this yelling and ranting

All the pushing and pulling

The sighing and panting

You've burned all the daylight

And now I must go

Where things can be different

I simply must know

Close my eyes, and the door

And forget all the sorrow

And ponder and wonder

For a new day tomorrow

This comes to an end

Don't cry, bid farewell

And all the times of love and laughter

We'll remember quite well

The sun will rise again

As every day before

And all of this will be gone

But we'll one day have more

These wishes were enough

To get me by for a while

But it's time to move on

With a wave and a smile

And all that has happened

Will visit in my sleep, now and then

But our paths cannot remain one

May we one day meet again

I'm tired, I say

And my body quite sore

Close the blinds, mute the radio

And shut the door

This life is exhausting

And now I'm fading so fast

And dreams of something new will take me

At last...