Summary- It's twelve days until Christmas and everyone's getting their houses to be Christmas-y. At Tatsuya's house, there's bound to be some trouble. Sachi wants for the others to stop arguing. Shinji wants quiet and the job finished. Kamio wants Fukei to stop bothering him. Fukei wants Kamio to stop pissing him off. Tatsuya only wants his house to stay standing.

Rated- T

Genre- Humor, Romance

Warnings- Implied shounen-ai

A/N- Another story, another day. Or is it another day, another story? -shrugs- Eh. Who cares. The point is that I've written yet another story, in honor of Christmas. Hopefully, I'll finish it in time.

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

A small cat in a pink tree...



There was a commotion in the front yard and Tatsuya seriously didn't think he would want to know. Actually, he was sure he didn't want to know. If what he heard was true, about a red head boy and a black haired boy arguing in his front yard, then he was quite sure he seriously didn't want to know.

Especially when it was Kamio and Fukei.

Sachi, the concerned girl that she was, turned away from the window to look at Tatsuya instead. "It's Kamio-kun and Fukei-kun."

Tatsuya exhaled rather loudly and rubbed his temples. He knew it was them before his girlfriend had said anything. "What did they do this time?"

Sachi looked back outside with a small frown. "Well...they somehow got Kin-chan stuck in that cherry blossom tree in your front yard."

Tatsuya raised an eyebrow, surprised. He had expected something along the lines of the two rivals fighting about something. "Honto ni?"

"Yes, really." Sachi answered, still looking outside and her frown deepened. "I think you better get Shinji-kun to get out there. They're debating on whether or not to cut the tree down."

Tatsuya startled and instantly got up from the armchair. He would be in a lot of trouble if his friends cut down his mother's favorite tree. He hurried outside, not bothering to get a coat, and headed to where Kamio and Fukei were.

"Hey!" The two boys turned around to look at him. "You're not cutting down the tree."

"But it's the only way we can get that damn cat down!" Fukei argued.

"I told you it was a bad idea." Kamio said, crossing his arms.

"Oh shut it, Kamio." the black haired boy snapped, glaring at the red head.

"Why don't you?" Kamio snapped back.

Tatsuya rubbed his temples once more. "Have you tried getting Shinji or Sachi to get Kintakara down?"

Kamio and Fukei stopped arguing and blinked at him. "Oh."

Tatsuya sighed and went back in with the two boys following him. Oh was right.

Just eleven more days until Christmas and eleven more days of this.

"Joy." Tatsuya mumbled.



To Be Continued