Note- Horrible ending but yay! This story is done!

Merry Christmas!

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelveth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Twelve crimson roses

Eleven crows a-cawing

Ten dancing penguins

Nine singing carolers

Eight mistletoes

Seven birds a-chirping

Six jealous people

Five soaking friends

Four annoying calls

Three love notes

Two bells ringing

And a small cat in a pink tree...



The doorbell rang. Shinji opened the door and found himself with a face full of roses. He blinked. "Eh?"

He didn't get an answer for the guy just dumped the flowers in his arms and walked off. Shinji blinked with a blank look on him before shrugging and closing the door, walking back to the living room where everyone was opening their presents. Sachi had opened a present and was smiling brightly.

"Arigatou, Kamio-kun!" she exclaimed happily. She had received a black scarf from the red haired boy. She wrapped it around her neck and gave Kamio a quick peck on the cheek. "Did you buy or make it?"

"Made it." he muttered, trying to ignore the glare that came from Tatsuya. He then looked up to see Shinji holding a bouquet. "Shinji..."

"Ah hi." the purple haired boy greeted before giving them to Tatsuya. "It's for you."

The boy looked at the roses before looking back at Shinji. "You know I have a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend, right?"

Shinji rolled his eyes. Seriously! "It's not from me. Look at the card."

Tatsuya did just that. "'To Matsumoto Tatsuya, You're probably wondering why I sent you a dozen roses. It's because I'm in a giving mood. Merry Christmas but I haven't forgotten what you've done to me. From, Nagakashi Ayana.' What the hell?"

Sachi looked surprised. "Eh? Nagakashi-san?"

Fukei raised an eyebrow. "I've heard rumors that she happened to like you, Tatsuya."

"Really? I've heard rumors she wanted to kill him." Kamio inputted.

Sachi blinked. "I heard Nagakashi-san had a one-night stand with you, Tatsuya."

Shinji smirked. "I heard that Tatsuya got her pregnant and left her."

"No, I heard that Ayana is really Tatsuya's love child."



Tatsuya ignored the comments and turned the card around, wondering if there was more.

P.S. We still have that game we never finished. And I intend to be the victor.

He blinked, confused on what she meant before realizing that she meant the tennis game they'd played when they had been twelve.



To Be Continued