Her bones would look so pretty,

Mashed up in to dust

Hair would be so much more golden

If I could pull out the locks

Her complexion, I am sure

Would glow like the sun

If the scares on her face

Were clotted by red blood.

How lovely she is!

How nice and perfect and kind

Personality much better than yours.

The best thing you'll ever find!

And everything your not!

Oh how we love her so!

This is what I hear of her

But this is not the girl I know.

She wants like the devil

A life to call her own

Make events spin around her

Causing her spirit to glow

Her power over men

Is like nothing I have seen

I may give them everything,

But who doesn't want the ice queen.

Show you no affection

Make sure to break his heart

Say that your unhappy

And we fall at your knees to martyr.

How I want to hurt you so-

Like the pain you've caused to me

They show you the love

That they never would have shown to me

I want to break your neck, you twerp

I hate you with a might

Nat a shallow match of wills

But a passion return the bite.

You'll never seen the tears I've cried

Because everyone loves you so

And with your morals so abandoned

I feel the hate just grow.

I want to pull your hair out,

I want to smash your face

I want to break your spirit

Leave only pain it its place.

Never hurt them,

This I swear

For I have taken more pain then I can bear

On my behalf I smile and wait

Calm and with every reason to hesitate

Because they love you I cannot flinch

Each time you touch them,

Each time they get their wish.

I am not the lesser you

You will be dead to me

You lying bitch.