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Chapter I

"One more hit and we're gone, captain!"

"Leak in sector 4a, captain!"

"There's no way to break their shield, captain!"

"...Effin' a. I'm supposed to be on holiday! Aright. Rodriguez, I want that leak in sector 4a patched right now. Go".

"Yes, captain."

"Anju, find me a hole in their shield now."

"I see one captain, but our lasers can't reach it."

"Hmm…I see. I'm going out."

"That's suicide!"

"Open the doors."

"Captain…I'm sorry, but I can't! There's no way you'll make it through their lasers!"

"Kai, open those doors right now, that's a direct order."

"….Yes, captain!"

"… … … Kai, ready the hatch for the captain's reentry."