Tender Caresses


Don't you know, my darling love,

That your touch calms me quickly—

And offers me comfort when I am saddened

Yet it ignites a passion deep within me

That was once foreign until I met you


A single caress against bare skin

Or the warmth of your hands through cloth

Around my waist as you pull me close

Sets my body aflame with desire

Leaving me breathless and tingling


Haven't you heard, that your hands,

Trailing oh-so-slowly upon my being

Landing, caressingly, in sensitive areas

Makes me hiss with jolts of pleasure

As a sweet melody courses through my body


The strong urge to push you against a wall

And take what you offer me; give what I can offer

Is overwhelming; driving me to unknown destinations

Innocence has finally been lost—at long last

My mind has turned against itself; corrupting me


Did you not notice, that your warm lips,

Brushing lightly against the revealed skin

Of my most arousing and responsive area

Brings a flood of warmth; a quick intake of breath;

The need to mold two bodies into one at every curve


And when your teeth scrapes against flushed skin

My heart leaps; exhilaration running through my veins

Strong yearnings to return such exotic actions;

But never do you go further; to experiment together

And my body burns; aches; for yours—long moments afterwards