Chapter Seven

Cassidy was sitting on one of the sofas, looking impatient when Adam entered the living room the next morning, on his way outside for his morning jog. He wanted to try out the trails winding through the woods just beyond Weaver House that he had a vague memory of from last night, after waking up on the way home.

"Hey," Adam said, getting Cassidy's attention.

The football player looked up at him warily. He did not seem to be in a good mood at all, and Adam could guess why. Blood dripped from a cut that ran along the outside of his face. It looked as though it needed stitches.

"Thanks," Adam said, wishing that Cassidy didn't feel the need to look at him with such a stone-faced expression.

"For what?" Cassidy asked suspiciously.

"Last night," Adam said simply.

That did not placate Cassidy. If anything he looked even more annoyed. Adam realized why when Cassidy started to speak again.

"If you've got a bone to pick –"

"I'm not being sarcastic," Adam cut him off. He hesitated then rephrased his statement of gratitude. "Thanks for not letting me lose it."

Cassidy looked slightly less annoyed. He shrugged and turned away. "It's not much to thank me for."

Adam hesitated for a moment then realized that any attempt at further conversation would probably be futile. "Later," he said and strode toward the back door. He was mildly surprised when Cassidy offered a response.

"See ya."

Cain entered the living room just as the door swung shut behind Adam. Immediately suspecting the worst, he gave Cassidy a weary look. Cassidy stared back at him unconcerned, and stood.

"Everything okay?" Cain asked looking significantly in the direction Adam had left.

"Everything's okay with me," Cassidy told him. "You ready?"

Cain sighed, realizing that he was going to have ask straight out if he wanted a straight answer.

"Is Adam –"

"Adam's got a problem of his own that's got absolutely nothing to do with me," Cassidy said shortly, "But I don't think he's holding a grudge about last night; I know that's what you're worried about."

Cain scowled. "You know you didn't have to –"

Cassidy cut him off again. "Yes I did. He was hysterical and he was slowing us down. Someone needed to do something or we would have all lost our scholarships – which is why I think Adam actually agrees with the course of action I took, so leave off, Winchester."

Cain sighed. "We're going to be living together for the next four years. Could you at least try not to be such a jerk to the rest of our housemates?"

"I'll try to remember to consider thinking about it," Cassidy said with the air of utmost sincerity. "Now come on, or we'll be late." Without another word he walked past Cain, toward the entry hall.

Cain watched him go for a moment then sighed again and rolled his eyes. It's going to be a long four years, he thought, as he followed Cassidy out of Weaver House to football practice.


Many thanks to everyone who's read my first fictionpress story. That goes double for vandanar, midnightunicorn12, and Showers' Inc who were kind enough to leave reviews. This story is to be the first in a series of twelve spanning the freshmen year of the Weaver House kids. I intend to tie up loose ends and address questions that this story may have raised in future stories. So if you're wondering, "What's up with Adam?", "Are Cain and Cassidy going to make it through the year without killing each other?", "How are the local punks going to retaliate?", or even "Why is Cassidy such a jerk?" those questions will be answered in upcoming stories. I hope that you have enjoyed this first installment and will keep a look out for the upcoming sequels. Thanks again for reading!