I Blame Myself


If anything happens

On this very day—

Or perhaps tomorrow;

Whenever it may be

I will blame myself


It can't be helped—

I'm just myself;

But somehow I know

That I am to blame—

Somehow; in some way



If I had not been selfish

Had I let you go—

When you needed to

This would not have happened


You may not hate me

You may not be angry

At least not consciously—

But subconsciously; perhaps

A small part of you is


You deny it, but I can see

No longer do you talk to me

You don't look me in the eye

You draw with flashing anger

It hurts but, after all, it's my fault


And I don't blame you—

I don't blame you;

If blame needs to be placed

Then I can only say

I blame myself