Butterfly Kisses




'Shh shh here she comes. Shut up!' A tinkling is heard above the sounds and chatter in the pub and a girl comes into the frame, hair up in a messy ponytail and a hoodie zipped up halfway.

'Jeeze, okay I'm–' The voice becomes muffled.

'Franki m'girl!' A rather large burly man calls out from behind the bar.

Franki spots the man at the bar. 'Harvey m'boy!' She slides up on a bar stool and orders a drink. Harvey says something that makes her laugh.

'Hey you two!' Franki looks directly at the camera. 'What are you two doing?'

'Uh... nothing! Nothing!' Quietly to second man, 'Ken go distract her!'

'Why me?'

'Because you're more charming.'

'Jeeze thanks Sarah.' A young man with long hair enters the frame and tugs Franki away. 'Come dance with me beautiful.'

Franki laughs and follows as he swoops her into his arms. Sarah's arm waves in front of the camera as she moves. Ken and Franki are dancing goofily and continue to do so for a few minutes. There is laughter and the clink of glass. Sarah's voice can be heard greeting and talking to others. Franki finally pulls away and heads back to the bar laughing. Ken smiles after her and winks at the camera.

'Where's that drink Harv'?' She climbs back up on the barstool. Sarah moves so that Franki's face is in the frame.

'Right in front o' you love.' There's no drink in front of her. She looks around.

'Harv maybe you're going blind bloke, there's nothing here!'

'Here have this one,' A new man on the stool beside Franki slides her a glass of beer.

'Oh well thanks but– Lucas!?'

Lucas turns to her and chuckles. 'The one and only!'

'What are you doing here? How– Why– When– What is going on!?' Looks directly at the camera suspiciously then back towards Ken.

Ken's voice, 'Hey! Don't look at me! You just live in me basement!'

Franki turns back to Lucas. 'Mr Wright you better tell me what the hell is going on.' She tries to sound serious but you can see the confusion plainly on her face.

"Franki you were pretty oblivious weren't you? I never would have known!"

"Shh! Shut up Brad!"


'I'm here for you.'

'Here for me? What the hell are you talking about, here for me?' She scoffs. 'Are you hearing yourselfs? You're nuts!? You do realize that you are in a somewhat dirty and very obscure pub in the middle of the United Kingdom right?'

'Hey now, this is my lady you're talking about!' Franki winks at Harv'

'Yes Franki, I realize that very much.'

'What are you doing here?'

'I just thought I'd pop in for a little visit.'

'Lucas Wright! For the last time! What the hell are you doing here!' Slams her fist on the bar.

'Now really Frank. I wait for you to settle down somewhat so that I can fly over the ocean and track you down and when I get here you don't even give me so much as a hug and you expect me to listen to you?'

'Yes! Now what are you doing here? And this waiting business,' She is gesturing erratically. 'I told you that I didn't want you to wait for me Lucas! A year and a half isn't nearly long enough for you to forget.'

'I didn't forget and I also didn't listen. I wanted to wait. So I did.'

'You waited. For me. Like really waited?' She looks a little lost.

'Yes I really waited. For you.'


'That's it?'

'No. What did you think you would find when you got here?'


'What if I didn't wait for you? What if I took my own advice?' The bar has become eerily silent.

'You didn't.'

'So?! And how do you know that!?' Getting angry and frustrated.

'So. I just do.' He shrugs innocently.

She growls angrily and throws a fistful of peanuts at him.

"You still asked her after she threw peanuts at you? That's faith!"

"Brad shut up!" came a chorus of voices.

'So why did you wait?' She's becoming more frantic as she becomes more confused.

'For this.'

The camera follows Lucas as he slips off the stool and spins Franki around to face him. The camera is jostled and Sarah grunts as she climbs over the bar to keep Franki's face and Lucas in the frame. Lucas goes down on one knee and Franki's jaw drops in total shock.

'Lucas what are you doing?' Her voice comes out as a squeak.

'Franki Jefferson I love you,' he pauses. 'Will you marry me?' Lucas holds out a ring box.

Franki clamps her jaw shut and slaps Lucas upside the head.

A shout of laughter and a chorus of catcalls went up from the room and I couldn't help but smile at the memory.

'Ow! What the hell was that for!?' Bar breaks out in chatter and laughter.

'That was for being a total and complete fool! I told you not to wait!'

'And I told you that I wanted to! Franki if I hadn't wanted you more than anything in this world then believe me, I wouldn't have waited. But you're what I want Frank. I knew it two years ago and I know it now.' He has stood up and is now leaning against the barstool. Franki is glaring up at him. 'So will you marry me or not?'

'You're serious? You're actually serious? You want to marry me?' Lucas shoots her a look, Franki sighs. 'Fine.'



'Frank,' He is looking at her warningly. Her lips twitch and by her white knuckles on the bar you can tell she's restraining herself.

She jumps up and kisses him throwing her arms around his neck. Catcalls go up around the bar.

'I'll take that as a yes.'

'It's a hell yes!'

The home movie faded as the house lights were brought up again and the room filled with applause and chatter. An overpowering din went up, guests banging on plates and tables with cutlery and fists.

"All right, all right!" The man beside me pulled me up and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me close to him. His lips came crashing down as he dipped me over his arm. A cheer went up from the crowd and I laughed against his lips, clinging to his shoulders as he righted me.

I was smiling idiotically as I sat down and Sharie grabbed my hand. "Have I told you that you look beautiful?" she asked for the thousandth time.

"Yes but I won't stop you from saying it again."

"You're beautiful." We laughed together. Here we were at an event that I hadn't thought would ever happen. My wedding.

The DJ's voice rose over the noise in the room announcing that the dance floor was now open. "For the traditional first dance of the night please put your hands together and welcome for the first time Mr and Mrs Lucas Wright!" A thrill ran through me as my name came through the speakers. Wright, I was Mrs Wright.

Lucas tugged me after him onto the dance floor and I melted into his arms as he led me effortlessly. I was exactly where I wanted to be. In the arms of the man I loved, my family surrounding me and my life well on it's way.

The night passed in a blur until before I knew it I was standing outside the reception hall, one of Lucas' shirts that I'd swiped ages ago to paint my room over my dress. "So you'll call if anything goes wrong right? You'll let me know?" I was talking to Sharie as I tossed my jacket into the familiar red car. We'd let the limo go ages ago.

"Yes Franki, I'll let you know. It's only a rec center for cripes' sake and you're only four blocks away! Forget about it, enjoy your honeymoon!" She waggled her eyebrows suggestively and I laughed.

After a shaky establishing year I was nervous to leave my business– a hang out place for kids which doubled as a travel agency– even if it was to spend a month in our house with the man that was now my husband. I'd spent the year after our engagement planning and creating while Lucas got settled in his school as the new politics and gym teacher.

Lucas came out of the hall, his suit jacket over his arm and his bow tie undone. I smiled at his comfortably rumpled look and pulled him down for a kiss by the ends of the tie.

"Ready to go beautiful?"

"Am I ever. Don't forget Sharie!" I added once more as I climbed into the car.

"I won't! Get out of here!"

"Wait!" I stuck my head out of the open window to see Jeremy making his way towards the car with a huge grin on his face. He'd walked me down the aisle. My best friend. It couldn't have been better. Tim was flirting with a girl from a different event in the hotel and I waved as he caught my eye.

"What?" I demanded jokingly when Jeremy got to the car.

"I love you and congratulations. You looked beautiful tonight Mrs Wright." He winked at me. "I just wanted to say goodbye, so... goodbye! Go make babies!"

I laughed as Lucas pulled away from the curb and waved. I reached over and took his hand. He brought it to his lips, kissing my knuckles gently. I did the same to him, holding it against my cheek. He looked over at me and the happiness in his eyes sent a tremor through my body.

Not fifteen minutes later we pulled up at our destination. We were in front of a mid-sized two story home. The paint was peeling off the trim and the siding was no longer one colour. The porch was sagging and you could see the moss growing on the shingles. Inside wasn't much better but the potential for beauty and a whole lot of fun was hard to miss. Lucas had tried to get me to agree to an expensive exotic honeymoon but I'd refused. All I wanted was to have fun with him without any other cares. Renovating this contraption, creating our own niche... this was it. I climbed out of the car and looked up at the somewhat crooked building in front of me. Our house.

I giggled as Lucas swept me up startling me somewhat and carried me to the front door which I managed to open. I'd never thought of myself as the tradition-type but this small one was sending shivers through me.

"Welcome home Mrs Wright," Lucas murmured as he paused just inside the door and nibbled on my ear.

I sighed happily and chuckled. "Welcome home Mr. Wright."

"I love it when you say my name like that," he growled into my neck.

"Our name," I giggled. "Our house, our everything." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He moved me onto his back and trotted up the stairs. I laughed the whole way up. "This is going to be one fun month Lucas Wright," I said breathless from laughing as he threw me on our bed and leaned over me.

"It sure is."

"You better be ready for a back-breaking month of renovations my man."

"Oh I am," he mumbled as he kissed my neck. "I'm ready for a back-breaking life of renovations."


I love you."

"I love you. A lot. And more." I kissed my way down his jaw as I unbuttoned his shirt.

"No I love you more."

"Nuh uh!"

"Ya huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Hey Franki?" He was trying to distract me as he slid the straps of my simple cream-colored dress down my shoulders.

"Nuh uh!"

"Franki shut up."


I fell asleep, limbs tangled and body heavy with satisfaction surrounded by the man I loved. His fingers were trailing through my hair as he brushed butterfly kisses over my forehead. "I love you," he whispered.

He made me feel like I was home, he made me feel complete, he made me get butterflies whenever he looked at me. Wherever Lucas Wright was was my happily ever after and he was right here. Until death do us part, he was mine.

The End

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