Once Upon a Time
December 15, 2006

once upon a time
I thought I fell in love.
and then the world was over
when you went and tore apart
my heart.

"love is the strangest thing," you said,
"it makes you feel the craziest things,
but suddenly it's all over.
it's all but disappeared."

"once upon a time," you said,
"I thought I was in love with you,
but then I woke up and realized,
that none of it was true."

once upon a time, my love,
yes, it was once upon a time,
that I cherished every word
you breathed and every move you made.
but now, it is all but gone away.
just as your so-called love
had vanished too quickly
for my foolish heart to grasp.

it was all,
once upon a time.