1. Miracles

They don't amaze us
If they can't make us smile
But sometimes I think
the Devil works miracles
every bit as great as God's

2. Swansong

Graceful, moon-white swans
carry immortality
on wings of starlight
with the proper precautions
six months can be forever

3. Crab Apples

Wind blows crab apples
down from their white-blossomed throne
If change is so good
why do they moan as they are
carried away on the breeze?

4. Flowers in Autumn

Smiling in the grass
Summer flower in Autumn
Golden flare of hope
I wish our lives could be thus,
not fast fading candle flames

5. Ice

Winter chills the air
Clear ice encases branches
sparkles like crystal
I miss you with all my heart
The ice inside never melts

6. Over Dinner

In the Dining Room
We stare across the table
We are both silent
Then, you seem to want to speak...
You only say, "Pass the salt."

7. Faces

Faces on the train
Twisting around each other
all blur into you
Surrounded by so many
I feel so very alone

8. Remember

I can remember
his eyes, his voice, his smile
his hand clutching mine
as we run through the soft snow
I can't remember his name

9. Drink

Cold rain pounds the roof
Inside, the hot shower
will burn away your touch
I drink in the steam-filled air
and the water tastes like blood

10. Snowflakes

Catching white snow flakes
In our warm black-mittened hands
they will glisten there,
but only for a moment
before they melt into black

11. Dragonflies

Blue-winged dragonflies
hover over the water
glistening monsters
The slightest touch makes me burn
and those little wings are strong

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