1. A Road Less Traveled

Two roads diverged
and I chose the one less traveled:
the path was worn
and I soon lost my way
in that silent yellow wood

2. For a Season

You were like the snow
Soft, comforting, yeilding, white
Now, you are like ice
Trecherous, cold, beautiful
I am so sick of winter

3. Unconvinced

No point pretending
we can't remember the past
But why dwell on it?
We can never move foreward
If we can't stop looking back

4. Victory

I never chose this
but then again, who would?
This just isn't fair
I might have won the battle
if there hadn't been a war

5. Price

Life's just money
you don't know how to spend
and you're just the girl
with a thousand dollar watch
and a fifty cent soul

6. Windflowers

Too many flowers
floating down from the old tree
like a pink snowfall
My thoughts feel crowded and lost
in a flood of pale blossoms

7. Clouds

Gray day without sun
heavy air choking with fog
lost without your light
My hands are cold as ice
from trying to part the clouds

8. Silent Night

Night falls silently
She walks past our house, head bowed
voiceless in the dark
and as you cry yourself to sleep
you never make a sound

9. Enough

Footprints in the snow
a thousand steps to nowhere
remind me of you
Memory must now suffice
where love was never enough