Hello to all of my many fans and readers out there. It's me, Countessrim the author who randomly goes missing in the Fictionpress and real world alot! I know it's like talking to a ghost! Well, I'm here to tell you that NO, I have not forgotten about BCW nor have I abandon it! (I could never leave my baby) Due to my extremely long break away from it and my desciding to re-read it, I've realize that this story...IS SUPER FLAWED! I mean really GOD, What was I doing? lol, I know I know it is my first novel so I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but still! Any, I've gotten few really good comments on what I need to improve on and trust me, I'm taking them all into consideration to make the story way more enjoyable and give it depth because I really want to publish this at some point in my life. Plus with the new knowledge I've gained about writing it will be super fantastic! So, with that said, I will be re-writing and updating alot of the chapters and actually posting the rest of story so you can ACTUALLY SEE WHAT HAPPENS and what might come in the future AND I don't know if any of you watch the show on ABC Familly called Lincholn Heights, but I think it's really funny how one of the main charaters (a smart, black 17 year old) is named CASSIE and is in a interracial relationship with a SHY AND QUIT white guy who's new to her school...hmmmm...lol it's ok because I started writing this (in the year 2004) WAY before they had the premises for the show and I doubt that anyone tried to steal my idea...but still...FREAKY! lol but it's an awsome show so it's cool. SO YEA, make sure you keep an eye out for the updates which I think won't be so confusing because it's probaley been awhile since you all have read it and it will be like a fresh new start! Thanks so much and I love you guys...like seriously I do...lol