The Chorus

My soul, it sings with thee.
Oh precious that, o'er the planes
I transcend time and the crystal sea
To hear thy joyous beck.
Down yonder halls of melodic strains,
Beyond mine trials and, with a lame heart,
Ensnared I became with Destiny. I am lain
To rest under branching oaks,
Bound to hear and never see
What soothing voices sing to me!
Songs come, filtered through the immensest void,
Wafting 'bout like odorous fancies
To assuage the pain and renew mine chances.
Of yet, which only the seasons could tell,
I may, due to happenstance,
Find a path, one not traversed,
To the interminable chorus that rings so well.
Sifting though what I know,
Searching for It without ire,
I bring out the vocal fire.
To the eternal chorus I show
My position, to where they need go.
Long at last, with opened eyes,
Clarity surpassing all human wisdom
Is granted me. And now I 'stand
With eyes transfixed on the glory land,
Hearing the ethereal chords
Of the wondrous, angelic chorus.