Someone Too Pick On!

A harmless yellow dandelion sits on the green grassy lawn. It blows slightly in the breeze, a honey bee gently lands on it, ready to grasp some nectar goodness for his queen. An ominous rottweiler shows up from the distance. He looks like the sunset rising. The bee busy at work pays no attention to the imminent threat. A gust of wind that smells like old dog food engulfs the bee. It is the dastardly rottweiler blowing at him. It flies off in anger. The rottweiler then looks intently at the flower with his honey coloured eyes.

"I am going to eat you flower," he says. "Hey Dandy, I am going to eat you like a lion. Watch out my name is Wild Will and I eat weeds, mwhahahahahah."

Coincidentally this rottweiler talks, he is an evil demented sinister one to boot.
A rather tall man walks up to Wild Will. Tall to Wild Will, the dog is 4 ft tall the man is 7ft.
"John what are you doing here?" Wild Will asks.
"Looking for you of course," John replies.
"Come look for me latter. I am threatening a dandelion," Wild Will says, still staring at the dandelion.
John rolls his eyes.
"OK then Wild Will."
John looks at the yellow flower on the ground. He seriously doubts that Wild Will would eat it. His threats to eat people or things were usually empty.
"Hey flower, watch me stare." Wild Will glares at the flower or weed.
"Wild Will I have a better idea," says John.
"No you don't," Wild Will replied, still glaring at the dandelion, about to eat it at any moment.
"Hey dandelion, you yellow belly. Watch out for Wild Will. That's right I am after you."
"Wild Will are you sick?" John asks. John is concerned, after all Wild Will was threatening a dandelion.
"Yeah, sick of you. Now go away before I eat you."
"I was just asking, since you are threatening to eat a harmless dandelion."
"So the dandelion is bugging me."
"Why? Is the yellow hurting your eyes?"
"Yes John, the yellow is hurting my colour blind eyes."
Wild Will glares at John. What an idiot he thinks.
"Hey dandelion, I am going to step on you," John shouts.
"Hey find your own weed to pick on," Wild Will growls. John steps on the flower. Squish!
"Ha I did it."
"Oh John, you spoiled my fun," Wild Will says, "jackass!"
"Now I am going to eat you."
John walks away. I don't have time for this John thinks.
"Hey come back here. I am not finished with you. I will eat you. I guarantee it," Wild Will yells.
All of a sudden, Wild Will sees a daisy.
"Watch out daisy," Wild Will grins.

Moments later an army of bees come ready to attack.