-Chapter Forty-

Day: March 29, 2008

Subject: Believing.

4 years have past since the bust of Pierce Industries. Although it's not as big of a topic as it use to be on the news, (I mean even CNN wouldn't shut up about it) you can still hear random people referencing to it or questioning it. It's been a while since I've updated this thing properly, so let's bring it up to speed.

Starting with the five musketeers, Darrel Wilson, the man who is probably the only black friend I will ever have in this world, is still an undercover cop and now has four children. He relocated to another part of town but we still keep in touch on a weekly basis.

Gail Holt, who is now a redhead, lives in Milan with her boyfriend of three weeks who just so happens to be Claye, the model from the yacht party. Gail has remained quite successful and now appears in just about every poster, commercial and bus sign across America. We haven't spoken to each other since the party at Cole's house and I no longer hold any kind of hatred towards her. I wish her the best really.

Adora Wong, my bestest friend, now lives with me in a loft we bought in the upper class region of the city. She had sold the apartment she was living in which brings me to the sad news. Neil and Adora broke up a week after the human trafficking bust. As it turns out, Neil was a part of the business as well and pleaded guilty. (He originally tried to flee the country but Adora aided the police in finding his whereabouts.) I asked her why she ratted him out and she said:

"Because it was the right thing to do."

She, like me, is still single and occasionally dates but for the most part is caught up with her work as a editor believe it of not.

Okay and now the stuff everyone wants to know about. Vincent Pierce, who I don't know whether I should consider my boyfriend anymore, has gone missing. I honestly don't know where he is or whether or not he is still breathing. Darrel decided to hand over the hunting to some other officer but the man is still on the most wanted list. I was thankful when Darrel told me he "forgot" what Vincent looked like to the news people. I love that man.

As for my affections towards Vincent, nowadays I'm not too sure. My heart doesn't ache or pound when I think about him, yet I do care for his well being. I don't think I could live with myself if that blue-eyed wonder turned up dead. I feel sort of the same way about his brother, Cole.

Cole is still missing as well but I have a strong feeling he's alive out there, somewhere. My heart still pounds when I think about his mannerisms and I still smile every time I walk past Pierce Industries which now is nothing more than a pile of gray dirt and metal. Maybe I was in love with Cole, maybe I still am, but that was the past and if I dwell on it too long I won't see what's in front of me anymore.

I'm doing pretty good, being single, black, and beautiful. I'm 28 now and unlike Adora I still feel like I'm 17 only not so naïve. I am still unemployed but my reasons are valid. I don't have to work another day of my life. Why, you ask? The other day I went to the bank to get some cash.(Nothing special) That's where I found my checking account had somewhat "multiplied". So much that I had several other accounts under my name that I never requested. Did I question this strange phenomenon? Nope. But I did smile.

There's no telling what the future may hold for all of us, not just myself. The world is a crazy place and fate can deal you some rather interesting hands. Only question is will you take it or not.

Darrel, Gail, Adora, Neil, Vincent and Cole, will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. I will try my best to keep up with them and maybe we will all see each other again. I have a good feeling a certain Pierce brother will make that notion come true.

I still get a mysterious bouquet of roses at my door every 12th day of the month and they always say the same thing:

To Miss Nya,

My Wife

I have already come to the conclusion of who sends them to me but I like to think that I don't know. Adora and I are going to the movies (Dates), so I better go get dressed.

Nya Kasem Pierce

-The End-