I open my eyes just a bit

To see you sitting at your desk

Like always

You get up and leave

I get up sleepily and follow

Where did you go?

I turn around quick

Just in time to see you

Walking around the corner

In the hallway

I guess you're going

To get your late night snack

But you're not in the kitchen

Oh, I see you

Going toward the bedroom

I run after you

I know you like to hold me close

When you fall asleep

Want to know a secret?

That's my favorite thing

In the whole world


You're not here

I'm confused

I get in bed to wait for you

Where did you go?


I forgot

You're gone

You have been gone

For a long time

And you will be gone



That can't be right

You would never leave me

Oh, there you are

Right next to me

I hug you so tight

I thought you left me, I whisper

Never, you tell me

And we fall asleep


We're always together

You were right

Not even death could separate us