'Hmm….' Niella's bright blue and green gaze landed on the boy drinking from the river. Even from her perch in the oak some fifty feet off the ground, her fantastic eyesight allowed her too see he would be perfect for her next meal. She ran her tongue over her fangs inside her mouth, smiling.

"Up to something Niella?'' A familiar, troublesome, voice sounded loudly behind her. The boy's head popped up and stared directly in her direction.

He gasped, "Vampire!'' The boy stood quickly and fled. 'Rafi!' her mind screamed. "Dang it, Rafael!!" Her voice shook with anger.

"Something wrong, Nia?" Rafael asked coolly.

She spun to face him, he was a branch lower opposite her, "What is wrong?! THAT WAS MY LUNCH YOU JUST RAN OFF!!!"

"Ohhh-angry kitty aren't we?" He cooed at her.

"HUNGRY kitty Rafi!" She snapped in return.

"I fail to see how that is my fault, Nia."

"YOU'RE the one who ran MY lunch off! Where do you fail to see the part that is your fault?!"

Rafael sat down on the branch, he shrugged smiling at her, "Hey, don't blame on ME the fact that YOU can't hunt."

That did it for her, 'oh really?' she thought. Be fore he could finish blinking she jumped off her branch to his, kicking him off to fall to the ground. Landing in a cat like crouch, weight in her toes and fingertips, she looked down at him. "Alright then, don't blame YOUR lack of balance on ME," she laughed.

"Hey! Dang it, fifty feet is a long way down!!! That HURT"

"Learn to land on your feet," Niella jumped from the branch, falling gracefully to the ground, landing twice as gracefully on her feet.

"Not everyone is part cat!" Rafael frowned.

"How often must I tell you I am not part cat?"

"Dunno," he replied taking her hand, "Let's get you some food"

"YAY FOOD!" she smiled, her voice a cute, happy squeak.

A few minutes later the came to a stop in front of a cheap fast food joint, Burger King. "This is not what I had in mind, Rafi." She looked from him to the restaurant and back.

"Its food isn't it?"

"I guess so, but, geez, Rafael, I need some real food, not human junk food."

"Well, it will hold you over until the next idiot walks into the forest. You need something, when did you eat last?"

"Um… a day or….three ago," she looked at the ground.

"Inside NOW. And must you really keep your hair in your face? Your pretty, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, you have awesome cat-eyes!" Rafael laughed referring to her blue and green eyes with the cat-slit pupil.

"Yes, I like my hair this way, and leave my eyes outta this and whatever, suck up," she replied in one breath. She shook her hair forward to make sure the half of her face was still good and hidden behind the curtain of her near black hair.

"Just get inside and order," he sighed.

''Yessa mas'ser, of course, I is a good girl." She mocked him.

"Shut up. You are not being funny. WHOA! What was that?" Rafael jumped back startled as a bright flash of light blinded the both of them momentarily.

"I dunno, but let's go find out. I think it came from the woods by the lake since it was that bright, it had to be close." Niella hadn't been a vampire long, but she already had a good grip on her powers, both vampire and pre-vampire. Good since of direction and distance being among them. On her final note the quickly abandoned the Burger King and raced off toward the source.