"Y-you bastard." She gagged, drowning in her own blood. He pulled his arm out of her. Both demons were soaked in blood, her crimson life water staining their clothing and the grass alike as she collapsed to her hands and knees in the flowering field.

"Sorry wench, but that's what happens when you get in our way." Kouji smirked, trying to ignore the pain coursing through him from her poison. He watched, holding back a gasp of pain from the poison acid, as she spat a mouthful of blood on the ground and shakily stood.

"I'm not done yet Kouji-baka." She growled.


"YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!!" Raphael slapped a hand to his head, "WE HAVE BEEN WALKING IN CIRCLES!!!!!!"

"Chill Rafi, spazzing is not going to get us out of here." Ame sighed, plopping down beside the lake. "It is clear there is no way out without the thing that put us here to come and get us."

"I agree with Ame." Katerine announced flopping down beside Ame, stretching out with her hands behind her head.

"Raphael, I think we have been out numbered." Shoji said shaking his head. Admitting defeat, Raphael nodded and sat aside, staring into the water. Shoji paced nervously. One thing on both of their minds besides getting out of there was Niella.


"HOW are you still moving????" Kouji spat in disgust and shock, glaring at the mutt in front of him.

"Weren't you told? I'm a stubborn little biotch. I refuse to quit, for anything. If you didn't know that your communication SUCKS general" she mocked, ears laid flat again. She bared her fangs in an evil grin. "You DO NOT ruin a girl's favorite out fit."

She spit out another mouthful of blood as he glared disgusted. "Now you've made me really rather angry."

"Kami, can you not just stay dead like everyone else????" He sighed.

"Hmm…decidedly not. Can you go jump off a cliff?" She shot back.

"I am afraid I am disinclined to acquiesce your request." Kouji smirked at her.

"Mm…I shall leave off the comments racing through my demented little mind. What the hell is wrong with you people? You are helping destroy your own kind. I want to know why." Niella growled, spitting out the last of the blood in her mouth as her wound began to finish it self sped healing process. If I can distract him a bit longer, I will be back in good fighting condition…She thought to herself.

"Haven't you realized all the top officials in this, like myself, are all magical beings as humans would put it? The boss over all is a demon. The 'destroy magic' bit is a cover. Can't you figure it out?"

"You're using the humans to do the dirty work and get rid of the most powerful of our kind… You aren't trying to eradicate all of us….Only the ones in your way of taking over everything….You want us in control of the world again, the humans to live in fear and/or die…" She said grimly in final realization.

"Very good Kitty-cat, you're catching on. No wonder you are the Chosen, you are wonderfully noble—" he practically spat the word out—"you appear to have half a brain and are amazingly stubborn. You know, if it weren't for the whole fact you are so disgustingly good, you would make an excellent operative for us my dear little half-breed."

"How very…Kind of you to say, but did you perhaps stop and think that even if I weren't so—as you so eloquently put it—'disgustingly good' I may still make a poor operative for your cause? My mom wasn't a vampire, she was human. I was bitten, so what makes you so sure my human blood wouldn't have stopped me? I can hide all traits of my demon heritage." She grinned. The long winded moment gave her wound time to completely close up, returning her to normal health minus a bit of energy, naturally.

He realized this a moment later as he began to speak, "What makes you think that—Wait, I know what you've done. You cleaver little wretch, you kept me distracted and healed yourself…You knew that if you could pull me into the right subject you could do it. Bravo, bravo. I must say however, that the little fight you wish to ensue won't. You also have given me the opportunity to distract you. At this very moment you are no longer able to move. Congratulations, your plan has backfired and you have met your match." Niella struggled a moment, finding at least partial truth to his words. She could no longer move courtesy of some sort of sealing spell.

"Don't get too cocky, you aren't so great. I know your type, you are they type of demon who acts all tough, but meets a little half breed who should be half his strength in every way that almost kicks your ass. Then you get pissed off, take advantage of the fair player trying to gather themselves, trap them and strike while they're down. You, my dear baka, are a coward." She hissed, knowing she had struck a nerve.

"As much as I would like to, I won't rise to that comment." He said in measured tone, "You are now in my control, at my mercy. You are nothing but talk now."

"Are you so certain? How do you know I can't break your sealing spell?"


"How long are we going to sit here and do nothing?????" Raphael sighed impatiently after a couple of hours. "We need to get out of here."

"Hey, Rafi, You know what we haven't tried?" Ame flipped over onto her stomach to look at the boys, Katerine followed the suit. Both grinning like Cheshire cats.

"Do we want to know?" Shoji frowned, not liking the look on the girl's faces.

"Yes." They both replied firmly, still grinning. "Ame, would you like to do the honors?" Katerine continued.

"Why Kattie, I would be delighted." Ame smirked, "Gentlemen, The two things we didn't try earlier were going behind the waterfall and looking for a cave under water."

"So get ready, because we're going swimming." Katerine finished. Shoji and Raphael exchanged a look as they heard the new ideas. They knew that they were in for it now, it would be just their luck that those pretty fish would be hybrid piranha that were trained to attack people swimming in the water instead of just drinking it. They were so going to die. . .

"Are you sure this is safe?" Raphael grumbled, "Not holy water? I didn't drink any earlier, so…"

"Yeah, and what about those fish? Are you sure they aren't hybrid piranha?" Shoji joined in.

"No, it isn't holy water, and for the thirtieth time they are KOI, k-o-i, koi. Not dangerous Amazonian fish. Jeez, you two are the biggest babies I have ever met!" Katerine grew more exasperated with the pair the closer they got to the crystal water.

With a final glare over her shoulder, telling the guys they were being forced to come, Katerine and Ame dove into the cool water. Shoji and Raphael shuddered before taking a deep breath and following.


"Because, my dear, dear hanyou no one of demon blood can. Not even one with miko heritage or the Dragon's Vial could." He replied. "Say good night, sweetie." A cold smile spread across his handsome features as his hand gestured at empty air. The blue cloudless sky began to darken, first in little spots then in mass.

Before she could open her mouth a small cloud of moths became visible in the darkness and she was breathing their poison dust. Her final thought before passing out was 'Great, now he's Minomaru? What is with this guy?'


The water was icey the closer to the waterfall they got. On one trip to the surface for air kat reported that it was a deterrant. No one asked how she knew, deciding it was safer that way. The blue haired pixie pointed up towards the surface after dissappearing the reappearing for a moment. Four heads broke the surface at once, "What?" Ame turned to shoji.

"I found it. The cave. Twenty meters down, just behind the fall." She took in a deep breath ad dove back down, leading the way. Raphael followed closely, Katerine and Shoji brought up the rear. Beforelong they were looking into the yawning, pitch black mouth of the underwater cavern. They swam until Katerine was about to pass out and drown before the found an open air pocket. Raphael was carrying her as he swam to the surface.




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