I wish this peace would never cease

And this love would never end

If to behold these wonders unfold

This miracle I can't comprehend

Graced with a world we have unfurled

To be so entirely with hate

With war and greed we do exceed

This horror seems our fate

For sins committed, we can't be acquitted

Rather we must take the blame

For every crime, we must pay the time

For innocence none may proclaim

It seems so downcast, our sentence so vast

There must be some fee we may pay

I'm so glad you asked, it is now unmasked

This amazing unhidden cache

We have a savior, who indeed bore

The transgressions of everyone

His beautiful name, the one who came

Is Christ Jesus God's only son

I know what you think, that I need a shrink

A man who thought he was God?

How silly and naive, she is trying to deceive

Surely he was a fraud

Yet I tell you no lie, when I die

Heaven shall be my home

For instead of death, when I lose my breath

Paradise is where I will roam

Think me a fool, or even cruel

To say such things as I may

But I believe with all, that this world will fall

And I do sound terribly cliché

Though I firmly say

And hopefully convey

That Jesus is the way