Our eyes met across the rows of over pricey dresses. Memories of our past crept into our heads as we remembered. I was 17 and him 18. My heart had longed for his, his touch was but only a dream to me. His love and compassion none existent our separate lives. Occasionally our eyes would meet; my face would grow hot with embarrassment as he smiled my way. Only to be gazing at the girl behind me. "Juliet Ritz? Is that really you?" he asked. I snapped out of my temporary coma to reply, "Yes. David Cooms? You remember me?" I said dumbly. My sister Carissa elbowed me hard in my ribs. David laughed a bit and said, "How could I forget such a pretty face?" Again I felt my face grow hot, but this time, this time it was different. "So what are you ladies looking for?" he asked. "We're looking for some work dresses for me and a few party ones for her." My sister stepped in gratefully. "Well we've got plenty to choose from. Here this would look nice on you!" he said as he unhooked a black strapless floor length gown for me. "It's gorgeous!" I gasped. "And this one for you." He finished as he laid out a cabernet red dress for Carissa.

We tried them on in the dressing room, Carissa finished first. "Juliet hurry up!" Carissa shouted over the door. "Alright I'm coming!" I shouted back. As I stepped out I heard the ominous inhaling of air as the whole stored gasped. "Beautiful, simply beautiful!" Carissa whispered. "It's perfect." David said barely audible. I gazed into the iron mirrors and was absolutely breathless. My bust had perfect shape as the dress curved down my stomach to my curves eventually ending at the floor only to sit perfectly around. "I'll take it." I whispered. "Me too." Carissa said.

"Will it be cash or charge?" David asked. "Um is credit card ok?" I asked. "Of course, just some ID please." He smiled. "The receipt is in the bag. You ladies have a wonderful night!" he purred. "Thank you, you too!" We called back in unison. We walked down the windy streets of Manhattan to our third story loft. Carissa left to go to work. She would be gone until late so I decided to put away my new dress. I carefully laid it out on my bed and was about to throw the bag away when a note fell out. It was from David. "Dear Juliet I wish to see you again. Please be ready by 7:00 tomorrow night and please wear the black dress."


My heart raced as I read and reread the note. As if my dreams had come true I would finally have my dream man and together we would be in eternal happiness. The next day I took every beauty precaution and had everything perfectly done. My legs were like silk. My face looked porcelain and my dress inspiring. All together I was perfection. My red boy cut hair framed my face so well. My side swept bangs covered my right eye and gave me mystery. Me electric blue eyes popped out against my ivory skin. The only thing that would disturb this was my hands. So I put on black skin light gloves over my hands. Perfect.

I impatiently waited until 7. Every few seconds I would smooth the invisible hair or crinkle in my dress. Then I heard the noise I most wanted to hear. David's voice. "Juliet it's me David. Ready to live your deepest fantasy?" his voice was smooth like chocolate. I opened the door to find him standing tall with a black tuxedo his black hair smoothed back with only a few naughty strands in his face. "Beautiful my darling." He cooed. I felt my knees beginning to shake. He tenderly took my hands and led me to the long black so black it reflected everything limo.

He introduced me to his colleagues from business school. As he owned the dress store. And to his family we talked and ate. We danced to every song and gazed into each others eyes. "David where's the ladies room? I'll be right back." I said as I hurried to fix my makeup and what not. As I fixed to leave my stall I heard some familiar voices. "Did you see what David brought?" one said. "Oh you mean that red head whore? Yeah I saw her, what a tramp! Poor thing though." she finished. "Yeah he always finds a way to manipulate a girl into doing whatever he wants her to. Then when he has what he wants she's gone!" the two girls laughed. As soon as they left I ran through the crowds and tried to get by David, unnoticed. I failed. "Juliet where are you going? What's wrong?" He asked sincerely. He took me to an unused bedroom where we could talk. "Now tell me what's wrong?" he asked. "These two women were talking about me and said horrible things like I was a whore and that you were just using me like a toy. Are you?" I said softly. I could feel my eyes starting to water. David saw this and pulled me close and whispered, "I would never use you, you mean too much to me. And you are defiantly not a whore, but a classy woman whom I really like." He brushed away a single tear and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I opened my mouth to deepen it as his hands caressed my thigh. His kiss made me forget everything and made me do things. He slowly took off my dress as I took off his shirt and pants. He laid me down and kissed me up from my belly button. Through my breast and up my neck to my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair as he pulled me closer and entered me. Our thrust became rhythmic and deeper. Moans escaped my mouth and his. Soon we finished and rested but again we did it. Each time a little bit more passionate. Soon I could no longer feel anything but his touch. That's all I wanted to feel.