His steady breathes comforted me as I lay on his chest. Last night was wonderful in almost every way possible. I could feel him stroking my hair, he was awake. "Good morning love." David cooed as I looked deeply into his green eyes. Specks of gold and blue held a deep mystery about him. And I for one wanted to go deeper. "Morning hun, last night was fun." I smiled; my face grew a little warm. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed!" he laughed. I just hid my head into his chest and moaned. "Hey." He whispered and looked deep into my blue eyes and kissed me right there.

"Hey I think I'm going to go back to my place tonight, okay?" I said as I put on a pair of jeans and tee. "Why?" David asked grabbing my waist. "Why? Well I promised to hang out with my sister, but we can do something later." I said. "But I just feel such a strong connection to you; please don't go she'll understand right?" He purred into my ear, adding a few neck kisses. "Well." I said hesitantly. "You'll stay then?" He said as he spun me around to face him. "Alright, but tomorrow I go home, okay?" I said sternly. He smiled a dark smile but quickly he wiped away all my fears with another passionate kiss.

"I'm going to take a bath, okay?" I said as I kissed his cheek. "Alright the bath is down the hall to the right. Take as long as you want." David smiled as he turned to leave. "Wait where are you going?" I asked. "Oh just to the market, I'm going to cook for us tonight. How does Greek sound?" he asked. "Sounds good to me!" I laughed at his enthusiasm and left for the bath.

As I opened to heavy oak door I was shocked to see such a beautiful bath room. The floor was covered in white marble but the tub that could fit at least ten people in was made of the darkest marble I had seen. I gently ran my fingers over the gold trimming. I looked in the cupboards to find some soap. I found soaps of all scents, but I picked the rose and lily bottle. I filled the gigantic tub with steaming hot water and added all the essentials: soap, bath beads, and lit some candles that smelled of Sandal Wood. All the mirrors where fogged and I dropped my clothing and climbed in the tub. A silent moan escaped my lips as my body sunk into the welcoming water. It felt so good to be alone.

I heard Juliet in the bath when I arrived home. I started to prepare for dinner when I heard her cell phone ring. I grabbed it and read who the call was from, "Carissa!" I muttered as I turned her phone off and hid it in a chest in the living room. I heard the bath room door creak and I hurriedly went back to the kitchen.

While I lay in the tub I could've sworn I heard my phone ring. As soon as I got out though I heard nothing so I just dried off instead. I heard David in the kitchen so I, with only a towel on, went to greet him. "Hey there beautiful! All clean now?" He laughed. "Yeah laugh it up. You know you wouldn't be laughing if I was dirty and smelled really bad now would you?" I joked. "Okay fine, now get ready for dinner; I want this to be special!" David said as he pushed me into the bedroom. "Ok, Okay I'll get dressed!" I laughed as he smiled and left.

As soon as I was ready, my hair dried and make up done, I left for the kitchen. It was like another world! David had really out done himself with the hundreds of candles that lit the room up. I walked into the kitchen but he was gone. So I tried the living room. It had a small table set for two with a wonderful dinner prepared on it. I gasped as I felt myself being spun around and my lips crashed with his. His hand took mine and he led me to the table. "You didn't have to do this you know. I would've taken Chinese." I laughed. David smiled and said, "But I wanted to, you're everything my Juliet!" I felt myself blush yet again and yes David did laugh just a bit.

That night we fed each other Greek salad and hummus with toasted pita. Everything tasted wonderful and soon it was time for dessert. David brought out a chocolate soufflé and together we ate it and at the very end we shared a chocolate filled kiss. That led to us making passionate love in front of the fire place. He pulled off my dress and kissed me hungrily. He took off my bra but stopped for just a second as he saw I was not wearing any under wear of any sort. He kissed my mouth with such passion and force I had to give in to him. His hands caressed my entire body and mine his. I felt him harden and enter me. Slow at first but soon more roughly. We rested for a bit on the bear skin rug but did it again and again, all night long. Each time I felt as if my deepest desires were being fulfilled and I never wanted to stop, and we didn't.