Authors Note: So after many months, I have edited Phantasmagoria, added a few things, and even have some extra chapters to come :-) Though it is nowhere near complete, it is back and better than ever, so I hope you guys enjoy it!


It happened during the late hours of July 5, 2005. The location was Athens, Greece. A gentle breeze made its way through the air, providing a nice escape from the summer heat. On top of a grassy hill was a small, classic cottage with flowers hanging from the balcony. It was a beautiful home for anyone to live in.

The only light coming from the house was from a bedroom on the far end, inside which candles were lit. Flames flickered, their shadows dancing across the walls. This gave the room an eerie sense, a feeling most people would desperately try to avoid. Yet, in the center of the room was a single boy.

His legs were crossed, his form hunched over. On the floor in front of him, laying open, was a Ouija board. It wasn't one of the cheap ones people can easily purchase from a toy store. This one was old, wooden, with intricate carvings of symbols bordering it. The pointer moved rapidly across the board, spelling out words that could be misconstrued if a single letter was missed.

The boy, working rapidly to make out the words, was distressed by what it was telling him, and appeared to be arguing with whoever he was talking to. Just as he opened his lips to speak, the window behind him burst open as an icy breeze flooded his room. He only looked away for a moment, but when his eyes turned back to the board, the words "Watch Out" were quickly spelled out. However, it was too late, and the last thing he remembered was seeing a glint of silver, and a burst of agonizing pain. Then darkness.