I don't care

I'm fine

The ceaseless mantra goes through my mind

It doesn't matter

It's okay

I don't care what he doesn't say

It doesn't hurt

I'm okay

It shouldn't hurt

I should be fine

I should be used to this by now

He never cared

Why should he now?

I look into those blue eyes and I wonder why

But I shouldn't care

And I shouldn't mind

I've given up on him I like to say

But saying and doing are two different things

I'm fine now it doesn't hurt

I've accepted the fact that he will never be who I wish he was

Why then the tears?

Why the constant ache as I listen to the silence?

The constant undying silence

Why the pain?

Why the sorrow?

I'm fine

And I'm okay

I don't care

I like to say

Is it true?

Can it be?

Do you no longer have an effect on me?

Why the pain?

Why the sorrow?

Why the dreams for a better tomorrow?