A/N Ode to my Father. Just something that ran through my head on the car ride back from his house.

Can you feel the silence?

The unspoken words heavy in the air.

You never seem to care.

We're so far apart.

You say you're sorry, but you're really not.

Meaningless words, from a pretender.

You never wanted me.

You still don't.

I told you it was okay.

But it wasn't.

You say you love me.

But you don't.

If you did, you'd be here.

You would remember my birthday, every year.

I'm your daughter, does it mean anything?

If I was a boy would you love me then?

Would I be worthy of you attention?

Would you remember my birthday?

You say you don't want us to end up the way you and your Dad did.

But we're on the fast track there.

Every oppressive silence, is one more step.

Every missed birthday, is ten feet further away.

Every time you're three hours late, and I wonder if you care is a larger gap between us.

When you look me in the eyes tell me you'll do better, ask me to forgive you, and then do it again, we end up like you and your Dad in the same room but so far away, the silence is deafening.

Do you want me?

Did you ever?

Do oyu even care?

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