Downtown and yesterday
fourteen-year old
Cigarette junkie,
out of life and out of taste
brushing dry lips with
the neon paste of drunken cities.
Got a glow in your hand
Little light of mine, let it shine
Shine away your demons,
devil in disguise
never knew you better than yourself;
all the grievances your deceive
as natural living, under
dry rot beds
skeletons creep
like dirty rats, infested with a
more horrible disease.
Kid, what's your problem
where's your mom, where's your home
not the one with the man slugging back
goody goody alcohol, kid
take a few steps
false pewter jewelry
are you suave like that, slick
oiled back hair, borrowing condoms
from a careless older brother,
inheriting disease from your father and
pot from the street bums.
pass me by
don't walk away
from twilight into neon signs.