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Listen, I'm sorry, it's not my fault

Shut UP! I won't here your excuses

I don't know what she did

Shut UP! I don't want to hear you lies!

You spread your lies like wildfire

Burning me

I smile and nod pretending I believe you

Inside I'm screaming

Stop Lying, just stop

You pull excuses from the air as though they are your oxygen

And expect me to suck them up

I won't hear this

Leave me alone.

Just leave me alone

You lie and lie

Each untold truth stabs at my heart

You make excuses when I find out

Twisting the knife pushing it deeper

You smile for you everything is okay

I grimace and fight tears

You talk about the wonderful things your wife did for us

I think about the notes she leaves us that you never see

You lie

She lies

I can't trust you

It hurts

But I've accepted this

It's my life

In a few years I'll have escaped you

And you can live with your lying wife

And I'll live with my real family

So go ahead, tell me another lie

I won't hear it.

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