Feet fly with a naked ferocity
insolent thing!

A sharp forest rips raw my wounds, unfelt
lady-like delicacy

Some wild and desperate charge to catch the sun
emotions are to be restrained

Rasping lungs erode, scraped dry by a sandstorm force
sing sweetly, child

Muscles scream, trapped in a ruthless ache
do not raise your voice

To shake the very earth with its deafening drum
war is a mans business

Primal beats treading no common cadence
do as I do, dear

Passion and want sprint unfettered and rampant
remain aloof

Drive this fevered chase
practice your catechism

A penetrating brethren soul urges me onward
prepare for the judgment

My savage yell resounds, ah ka mate, ka ora
observe demurely

Eternity is torn to shreds with my incarnate triumph
sit by patiently

Consumed in a burning uprising from pain
speak softly