Mystical Secrets


On a simple morning like any other in the month of September the President of the United States awoke and went to look out of his bedroom window. He pulled back the curtains to reveal a world that had become all too common recently. He saw how the advances in technology were being used by the common people who were inadequate to do so, and they were bringing destruction to his doorstep.

One case of this was four young men who were no older than 25 were having a rocket launcher fight across the street from the White House. As the rockets were flying by buildings were being demolished and other citizens were being blown up, and of course the guys shooting the rockets remained perfectly unscathed.

Another example was someone using the traditional levitation device to harass a poor little cat in a tree by levitating a fierce dog up to level of the cat, but not letting it get close enough to harm the frightened little kitty.

The president sighed and lowered his head in disgust for the people that were actually doing these horrific things, but also in shame for leading a nation of people who do the same. He clenched up his fists and let his anger brew silently within him. He was only able to watch the abuse of these wonderful items for a moment longer before he shut his blinds and stormed to his closet.

While he got dressed he realized that he had had enough of these stupid jerks screwing up his country with items that were meant for the betterment of mankind. Something had to be done about this and he needed to hold an emergency conference with the delegates of all the nations in the world.

Once he was dressed and had a loose plan forming in his head he headed to the Oval Office. He sat down in his chair, turned on his computer, and pulled up the file that held the delegates phone numbers. He went down the list one by one and called all of them to attend a top-secret meeting to be held the next night. All of them were free to make the meeting since he warned them more than 24 hours in advance, and some would even be staying the night at the White House.

He spent most of the day preparing the rooms for those who promised to arrive that night and making sure plenty of food was prepared. That night the president received his guests with open arms and full accommodations.

The next morning he again went to his bedroom window and saw just about the same as always. This time he took a sense of relief from knowing that today is when he would change the world. He walked with a brisk pace to his closet and even whistled while he got dressed. He had a quick conference with his staff about how the meeting was going to be set up, and then he gathered up the delegates for a tour of the city.

He started the tour where the four idiots were arrested yesterday for killing two people and completely destroying a fine business.

The delegate from Italy looked at the destruction that was in front of him and asked, "What in the world could have happened here? This is like a war zone."

The president gathered his thoughts and said, "Nothing much, just a few morons got a hold of some rocket launchers and had a blast."

"How could this of happened right in front of the White House? Isn't this place supposed to be super guarded or something?" the Russian delegate asked.

"It was early in the morning and they snuck into the area on an unmarked white van. By the time some guards arrived there the men were all out of rockets."

The president led the delegates around the rest of the town, and everything seemed to be in order. They went as far as the president allowed them to and then they looped around to return to the White House. Only a few blocks away from the White House a rogue menace appeared with a professionally modified ion cannon and began shooting large beams of destruction into the parked cars, which caused them to vaporize almost instantly.

The president halted everyone and pulled out his radio. "Get the riot police over here with a stun gun now! I'm two blocks down from the White House on the left, but don't worry you can't miss him. We've got a complete idiot over here destroying cars with a modified ion cannon."

"Yes Mr. President. We're on it now." said the head of the secret service.

The riot police were notified and they grabbed their jetpacks and blazed over to the presidents position at around 300 miles per hour.

In the two minutes it took for the police to arrive this madman had demolished a total of seventeen cars and had slain five people. He had the opportunity to dismember all of the delegates and the president himself, but he was too smart to do something like that.

He heard the roar of the jetpack engines behind him increase in volume and he tilted his head and said, "Have a nice day Mr. President." He lifted the ion cannon even with the presidents eyes and winked as he put his finger against the trigger device. He then raised it over his head and surrendered himself to the riot unit willingly, but that didn't stop them from taking the necessary precautions and stunning him unconscious anyway.

The two strongest members of the riot police picked up the limp body of this man and moved him into an alley where one of them radioed for a squad car to come pick him up.

The president moved out in front of the group of delegates and approached the leader of the police. "Thank you very much for your swift arrival and sharp leadership Captain."

"No problem Mr. President, just doing my job." he said. "Those two officers will wait here until a squad car comes to take this guy away."

"That sounds great." the president said. He motioned to his delegates and they began to follow him back to the White House.

All of the delegates were incredibly shocked by what had just happened and paranoia began to flow through them like a raging river. Many were struggling to cope with such a traumatic event, and some were too horrified to even speak.

As they were nearing the White House the squad car came blazing down the street with sirens running. The squad car reached the alleyway and picked up the lone menace. Once this guy was awakened, read his rights, and secured in the back seat the two officers that had been waiting with him were relieved of their posts and sent back to the others in the riot police.

The two policeman flew back to where the president and his delegates were, and one of them landed and said, "The Detective in the car back there will want to ask you some questions Mr. President."

"Thanks for the heads up." he said.

"No problem sir." said the policeman as he flew off into the western sky after his fellow policeman.

The president waited for a moment as the car made its way to him lazily. The passenger side window was rolled down and the Detective stuck his arm out and waved the president over.

The president walked over to the squad car and said, "Can I help you with something officer?"

"Yes Mr. President I believe you can. You witnessed this event right?"

"Yes I most certainly did."

"Good, then I need you to answer me a few questions."


"How many cars did he destroy and how many people did he kill?"

"Seventeen cars were destroyed and five people were killed."

The president lead them back into the White House, cutting the tour short, and kept them downstairs while he had another brief meeting with his private counsel.

Once he was finished with the meeting he went up to the Oval Office and hammered out a rough proposal for the delegates to go over at the meeting that night. He took the handwritten copy of his proposal and put it in the copy machine. He made a few more copies than necessary just in case they were needed and inserted them into manila folders. He placed all of the folders into one large stack and left them in the Oval Office.

He left the Oval Office and went to where he left the delegates a little while ago. He sat with them as more of the delegates arrived throughout the morning and then he ate lunch with them. The rest of the delegates started arriving after their lunch break and the final one showed up at about 6 o'clock that evening.

The president gathered everybody in the room together and handed them the envelopes. "Now look everybody." he said. "This isn't a formal meeting, and all of the usual rules that would apply are thrown out of the window. This a matter of world security and the rules are only going to get in our way for now.
"I want you to open up the folder you are holding and read the proposal I have written up. I want you to spend a few moments after reading it to think it over and formulate some questions."

Once that was said he sat back in his chair and scanned over his proposal to occupy his time.

After about ten minutes the president set his folder down and said, "Does anyone have any questions or concerns that they would like to go over?"

"How could a problem of such magnitude just suddenly attract your attention?" asked the ambassador of Japan. "If it's been an ongoing problem than why did you pick now to do something about it?"

"It suddenly got my attention because I have personally witnessed it over the past two days. I've always known about the problem, but I never knew the scope of it until now."

"How do you plan on accomplishing something like this?" asked the King of England. "I don't even think that this could be done no matter how hard we try."

"If everyone agrees with this then I will formulate and then head the committee that will provide the budget and means for execution."

"How could we pull this off without troubling the people of the world?" asked the delegate from Italy.

"That will be one of the things that the committee will be in charge of. Once we figure out if it's possible will we work on handling the citizens of the world."

After a few minutes of silence the president asked, "Does anyone have anything else they want to bring up or have considered?"

After another moment of silence he said, "I guess we should put this to a vote then." He passed out little slips of paper to everyone and distributed about ten pencils into the crowd.

The delegates took a few minutes to vote and then a member of the president's Secret Service counted the votes. He got a few other people to help him with the math and then he was ready with the results.

"The results are in." he said. "It is 77 percent for and 23 percent against. It looks like it's not enough for the proposal to pass."

The president looked down at the floor with disappointment and said, "For something of this magnitude we would need a unanimous vote or some countries would be shafted. In my opinion this proposal must pass and it can't if some of you say no. For those of you that voted no this speech is just for you.

"Are you willing to sacrifice the safety of your country and the lives of you people for measly possessions. I don't think you realize how much danger we all are in at the hands of these abusive maniacs. The only thing that I can see that will successfully fix this problem is to take the toys away from the children, and you're preventing all of us from saving ourselves. I strongly urge to think of all of the people in your nation and worldwide that you would be screwing over if you just sat idly by and watched the world be destroyed.

"I think we should take a second vote and if that doesn't work we can all come up with something that does. Do you all agree?"

Most of the delegates showed visual signs of agreement and there were a few who replied with 'yes' and 'fine with me' and a revote was set up. The president passed out new cards for the delegates to vote on and watched as a few of them weighed it out in their minds.

A few minutes later the votes had been taken up and tallied by the same group of people.
The man from the president's Secret Service stood in front of the group and said, "The new votes are now in. It's a unanimous yes."

The president jumped up and shouted, "God bless all of you. We will really change the world now. Let it be noted that the United World proposal was passed on September 13th, 2201."