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Long ago in Kiroai, the heir to the throne was taken. She was a mere two months old and would remember nothing. A family, part of a secret rebellion, took her and raised her in modern day Kyoto. Now they have moved to America, after her foster father is killed and her mother remarries, in a last stage attempt to escape the search parties of both their rebellion and the Royals. She soon discovers there is more to her life than meets the eye thanks to some newly surfaced powers and the woman she believed to be her grandmother. But what will happen when she discovers a vat of lies about her past made by those she loves most? And who is the real villain? The royals, the rebellion or something entirely different?

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"SURRIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come down stairs, you don't want to be late on your first day at a new school!"

"Coming momma!"

Konnichiwa, I'm Higurashi, Suri. I'm just your average Japanese eleventh grader starting a new school in North Carolina, and had I paid attention in our studies of the U.S., I would have probably known it was a state before now. I'm thoroughly enjoying, however the lack of uniforms at the school I will be attending. Unfortunately, my mother fails to believe me, so on my first day I have to wear my old uniform. Uck. I walked down stairs and grabbed my lunch, then kissed my mom good bye and my little sister and I walked to the bus stop. On the way we gave each other a quick glance and smiled. We hurriedly rolled our knee length skirts up a few inches, to about finger tip length. Our mother would kill us if she found out.

Reiku-chan's bus came first to take her to the elementary school, she is a fifth grader. Then mine came and about a half hour later, I walked through the doors of East Wilkes High. Oh yeah, adjusting to this is going be fun! I thought to myself. And I won no uniforms. I couldn't wait to tell mama I told her so! However, the fact I was getting stared at because of my old uniform was annoying, especially when one girl said it was cute, if I had been to an anime convention with cos-play. I brushed my long silver-purple hair out of my face and made my way to the main office.

"Hello…" I paused to look at the lady's name plate, "Green-sama. My name is Higurashi, Suri. I'm the new student that transferred from Japan."

"Oh, hello, it's a pleasure to meet you…Suri, is it?" She smiled.

"Yes ma'am."

"I am Mrs. Green, the school's assistant principal. Here is your schedule, have a wonderful first day here at East Wilkes."

"Arigato, Thanks Green-sama!" I smiled and left.

I looked at my schedule, oh thank god! My first class was English IV. That's what my first hour had been at Nishi Academy back home, it also happened to be my favorite subject. I walked quickly to the class and found a seat near the front. I was one of two that sat there intentionally. The other girl who chose to sit up front happened to be beside me.

"Hi. I'm Keri. I haven't seen you before, you must be new, so what's your name?" The little blonde girl asked. She was a cute-type, I could tell. Long blonde curls in two high pig tails that reached almost her waist; bright blue eyes and just a hint of make up. The perfect opposite of me, but she seemed nice.

"I'm Higurashi, Suri." I replied politely.

"Hmm, you must be from Japan, Higurashi is a Japanese last name, and you introduced yourself last name first" Keri pointed out

"Hai! Very good to point out Keri-han." (A/n: –han indicates a Kyoto accent, it's the equivalent of –san.) I nodded to her.

Then the teacher walked in, and I stood. I thought I would die from embarrassment, everyone started laughing. Honestly, Americans watch way too many movies, all I was going to do was walk over and say I was a new transfer student and make sure I was on her roll, but noooooo. They thought it was the 'stand when a teacher walks in to show respect' thing. I haven't done that since the sixth grade. The teacher started to explain that they didn't do that here when I cut in.

"Excuse me, sensei, But that was not what I was doing so if you would be so kind as to not jump to ill gained conclusions and stereotypes." I said politely, though there was a cold edge to my voice, but she didn't seem to notice.

Lunch was yet another disaster. I opened my bento box to find sushi and homemade rice balls; I mentally thanked my mother and smiled happily at my lunch. Just as I began to eat a girl with crimson hair and orange eyes walked over, "Ewwww! Is that sushi!?!"

"Um, yeeeaaaahhhhh. Why?"

"UCK! Isn't that raw fish?!"

"That would be what makes it sushi."

"But it's raw! Bacteria filled!!!"

"JESS!! Leave the poor girl alone!" A tall boy with orange hair and eyes the red color of sunset. "Sorry about my twin, she's a spazzy moron at times. I'm Tye."

"I'm Suri, it's a pleasure to meet you." He gave a nod and they walked off to get their food, he was cute, even if he was American and his sister was odd.

The weeks went by and my life at East Wilkes began to seem normal. Sometime around December (I had arrived in October) we got a transfer in from West Wilkes. Guess who got to show him around campus? Lucky me. Unconsciously, I spoke to him in Japanese.

"Sumimasen, but do you realize that you are not speaking English?" the boy smiled at me, he looked oddly familiar.

"Oh! Gomen! Wait, neither were you!" I shot back upon realization.

"Took you long enough! Gosh Suri, I was beginning to think you'd forgotten me." He laughed. Wait, I remember where I know him from!

"Sota! Koizumi, Sota?! It's been forever! Since what, middle school? Boy have you ever changed! I didn't even recognize you at first."

"Took me a second myself. How've you been toothpick?" He asked brushing his light blue hair from his deep silver eyes.

"Har-dee-har-har, I see you kept your sense of humor." I replied messing up his longish hair, putting it right back in his eyes. He gave me a flat look. I laughed. We continued to gab away happily in Japanese, that is until the lunch bell snapped us out of it.

"Hey, I'll meet you in the cafeteria, I have to get my bento from my locker."

"No, lunch is my treat today, your mothers scanty bentos are the reason you look so scrawny, besides, you have to eat the school pizza, it's the only thing they don't ruin" Sota smiled at me.


We got our lunches, chatting in japanese and getting stange looks until we reached my table where Jess, Tye, Keri and Jess' boyfriend, Zach sat. Here's a diagram to help:




I introduced Sota to every one, Tye last. "Tye, this is Sota, Sota, this is Tye." They gave each other a cold smile. I could almost hear them thinking, Great, competition. Wait, I could hear them thinking. Suddenly I felt dizzy and sick. This was all too weird.

"Suri? Suri, are you okay?" Keri asked

"Hm? Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't feel too well."

"Yeah, you aren't looking too good, try eating something, if that doesn't help, you should call home." Tye suggested.

"Yeah, Suri you're really pale."Sota added.

"I think I will."I replied and went to the office. The nurse called my mother right then and told her I was clammy and deathly pale, which of course, made her come and get me as quickly as she could. She dropped me off at home, she had to get back to work, and gave me a DVD my grandmother sent me. I put it in the DVD player and pressed play, I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes thinking about what happened earlier, and just waited for the voice of my grand mother to signal me to open my eyes and pay attention. Her voice came only seconds later, only in a language I'd never heard before.

"Fyr wtching y nd t py cls attntn. Wht 'm bt t tll y s vry imptnt." She continued on to say that I and my new friends, including Sota, were very special, that we had powers we must use to save the world, this and a parallel world called Kiroai. And the minute something went wrong to call her.

I flipped off the TV and lay down on the couch. I woke several hours later to hear my little sister screaming for help. I jumped from the couch and raced to the back yard where she was. There was a gaping hole in the middle of my back yard and my sister clung to a ledge a few feet from the top. "Suri-chan!! Help me!"

"Reiku! Grab my hand!"

"I-I can't! Please Hurry!"

I wrung my hands, worried to death, when I dropped them a strong burst of air ruffled the small sakura tree in my back yard. Power two and not a moment to soon! I pulled her up using a strong burst of wind. "Big sister! You saved me!!" Reiku jumped on me.

"It's okay, every thing is okay now. Why don't you go in and take a nap, you look exhausted. My little sister brushed her dark pink hair behind her hear, soft cherry blossom pink eyes wide, and nodded, scampering inside.

The next day Tye called, "H-hey. Just thought I'd see if you were okay."

"I'm doing much better thanks. What's up?"

"Um.. I was wondering, do you want to go to the movies later? Me, Zach. Sota, Keri, and Jess are going, so…." His voice trailed off. He so wanted it to be a date and wasn't willing to admit it. I smiled to myself.

"I'd love to, let me tell my mom" I covered the mouth piece with my hand, "Hey mom! I'm going to a movie with some friends, can I borrow the car?"

"No honey, you have to get a ride, your stepfather sister and I are going out right now! Bye Neko-chan!" I sometimes hated my mother's nickname for me, it made me sound like a cat loving little kid.

"Hey can you come pick me up? My mom just left with the car."

"Uh, I kinda got grounded from driving, I missed curfew…eleven or twelve times."


"My mom can though."

"I sure will! I'll be there in a bout twenty minutes okay?"

"Oh sure thing Mrs. Kelly."

"MOM! Were you evesdropping?!"

"Do you want to lose your car permanently?"

"Sorry moma."

I laughed, "Okay, I'm going to go get ready. Bye."

"Bye dear, see you in a minute."

"Later Suri."

I hung up and began brushing my long hair. I tied it back with a deep purple ribbon that accented the natural purple hue that mixed with the silver color of my hair. I put on my favorite jeans and black and purple Evanescence baby doll tee. I pulled off my glasses and put in my contacts, making it easier to see the vivid shade of violet my eyes faded to. A few minutes later I heard Mrs. Kelly pull into the drive way, seconds later we were on the way to her house.

"Hey! Great to see you looking so much better!" Jess greeted me at the door, giving me a big hug.

"Hey" Tye smiled shyly.

"What's up?" I smiled brightly. Once his mother left the room Jess and Tye looked at me frantically.

"Look, Tye fell through the couch, literally phased through it, and I just spent an hour floating next to a tree telling my mom I wasn't coming down from sitting on the branch because I was drawing the view. I NEVER want to be that high off the ground with nothing holding me up again!" Jess said hurriedly.

"Take a deep breath I know exactly what is going on-"

"Good then you better explain to the three of us as well." Sota walked in followed by Keri and Zach.

"Alright, everyone sit down, and Tye, don't fall through your chair." I laughed and began telling them what my grandmother had said about our powers and us saving both worlds. Then we went outside to practice our control over them. Half an hour later my grandma called asking to speak to Sota, then, as I handed him the phone, something in the wood caught my eye. "Hey, I'll be back." I turned and dashed into the wood, looking for the midnight colored flash that caught my eye. And boy did I ever find it! It was huge, like a wolf only bigger and darker. It saw me the started to run.

"Stop!" I called as I followed, and of course I tripped over a rock. I started to fall and braced myself for impact, when I brought my arm around infront of me a wall of fire appeared in between the wolf and a portal that had just appeared. I gasp and quickly fliked my wrist at it causing a jet of water to soot out and extinguish it. The wolfish appearance melted away to reveal a young girl with raven dark hair and blue grey eyes.

"My name is Destiny. Are you Higurashi, Suri?"

"Yes. How do you know me?"

"That does not matter. Behind me, is a door way to my world."


"Yes, and we are under a heavier siege than ever before. We must have your help, immediately"


"Meet me at the edge of this wood tomorrow, you and the others"

I raced back to tell the others the news. Sota handed me my phone back, "Your phone your majesty" I glared at his laughter. Then plunged into the story about meeting destiny. We all agreed to meet a noon.

That night after the movie, I woke in the middle of the night. Great, dark thirty. Wonderful I thought. I looked around the room, then I saw it. The outline of a tall man. I started to scream. "You scream now, lady Suri and I'll slit your throat right here." He whispered holding a knife to my throat. I knew he wasn't kidding. I scarcely breathed at that point. Then he slipped a rag soaked in chlorophorm over my mouth and nose. Then he pulled it away, and I collapsed.