Chicago Plaster

why is it so easy for me to crumble at your feet?
weak from the start, i shook and trembled,
and with all of my strength i held fast and ready.
until now.

now is the end.
i have shattered and broken this fragile mindset
into pieces that disappear the moment they hit the ground.
when did my frailty shine through the plaster?

it's devastating,
the blow to my ego and my transformed self,
one who had gotten up from so many stumbles and falls.
i thought something was safe harbor inside my heart.

i guessed wrong.
i am still rattled by your sentences,,
caught silent listening to your faint insults
and those slicing insecurities i've held for years.

i have faded.
but never can i define a moment of glowing body
except for those with you in slumbering ecstacy.
you should be nothing but are easily the everything

that makes me crumble
from within.